Love Coupons..with a twist!

Okay, I know what you're thinking. Love coupons? C'mon, Cher! But hear, actually...read me out...

Although it may seem a little corny, it's super cost-effective and you KNOW your spouse is going to want what's on the coupon. You just can't beat that.

I've done a few sets of love coupons over my 3 1/2 years being married...and I thought I'd share some twists on love couponing.
  • Don't give the coupons all at once--Hide one or two each day in fun places (sock drawer, refridgerator, on their pillow, etc. (They'll have something to look forward to each day).
  • Give them one blank coupon which they can fill in themselves...(I know, that's a little scary...but do it anyway! They'll love it!)
  • Allow them to trade in 2 or 3 coupons for something else of their choice (but they can only do that once!)
  • No time to print or make coupons? Email them one "coupon" each day to redeem when they get home.
  • Make a little book out of it to give as a gift:
    - Hole-punch the stack of coupons and tie together with ribbon
    - On a blank coupon page, write the reasons why you love and appreciate them and how much they deserve these love coupons
Here are 4 sets of coupons that I made for you. Take your pick or mix-and-match! There are 6 coupons on a PDF sheet, so just download, print, and write in what the coupon is worth!

Click description below each to download that set:

Manly-Man Camouflage

Basic Blue & Brown

Blue Flower

Vintage Floral

Of, course I couldn't leave you without a million (well, at least a dozen or two) ideas to make this a little easier.. So, here you go!

Have you done these in the past? If so, I'm sure you have other great ideas...leave a comment and enlighten me...and everyone else who reads this post!


Tara said...

ah!! his birthday is coming up soon, this sounds like a great plan!

Jodi Wagley said...

I just got married in January and I did this for my husband for Valentines day. He Loved it... what I did was make several coupons for each month then tied them together with ribbon in some felt and made a cute book. My coupons had things like "A free I'm sorry" or " A Free hug" "A free Rice Pudding"( he loves it and I hate it so when he wants it he uses his little coupon. The Free hugs have made things really easy for the both of us when he goofs up and I get mad. He simply hands me the coupon, I know he really is sorry so we make-up and move on. They have been a life-saver for the both of us.

Cher said...

I love the idea of doing for each month, Jodi--Thank you! I didn't even consider a "free I'm sorry!" Thanks for your comment!

Emily said...

Our anniversary is coming up soon and I'm really excited to use some of these ideas for what I'm planning. Thanks so much for your great ideas.

How-To Gal said...

I linked to this idea from my blog post http://thehowtogal.blogspot.com/2009/03/exploding-box.html I hope that is okay! If it isn't, please let me know :)

Danya said...

I just found your blog through my cousin and it's incredible! Thanks for all the awesome ideas! After 11 years, we need to spice things up a bit! Thanks for the help!

Mega8815 said...

I've used this a couple of times before. Especially when I don't have money for a present for him at that time. There are so many ideas for this. Thanks for sharing, especially the free 'I'm sorry', might help me now...

Harry Jude said...

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Chelsie said...

I love this blog and have to admit I'm now a secret follower. For this coupon idea, I took an offer on VISTAPRINT.com for business cards and just filled in the fields to make it look like a professional coupon. There is a space for each thing my husband is awarded and it's nice to always have a fancy card on hand.

AnimeshSingh said...

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felix said...

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lynds620 said...

SO I made my boyfriend coupons for our second anniversary. One of them was "1 golden coupon to anything you want". Six years later he takes me to the channel islands and proposes to me with that coupon and a shiny ring!!! true story!!! I could not believe he kept it because he never redeemed any of the others! :)

Shivani Saksena said...

This is nice! I'll gift a booklet to my boyfriend on his b'day. Thanks for the list of things I could put in it!

christieconnors said...

i am 13 so some of these may be unappropriate but i used afew like a free kiss and that but i added some like 1 kiss with tounges and 1 make out session i hope my boyfriend uses them its his birthday in novemer so i have a while to wait :)

Anjum Mughal said...

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getchauffeured said...

This is nice! I'll gift a booklet to my boyfriend on his b'day. Thanks for the list of things I could put in it!

Woody Schwerkolt said...

1 Car clean out includes vacuuming
2 10 public hugs includes dip w/ Kiss
Must be presented before Noon on a Saturday.

adson stone said...

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Doug Spear said...

You sound like a self centered b bitch. Those coupons are for you not him.

Stephen Ford said...

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Edgar Allan Poe said...


Love this idea, thanks for the suggestions!

My Boyfriend is a little bit geeky so I put a spin on some
Like: 1 x Ticket to Hogwarts: A free ticket for anything magical