Have you ever sent your love a ransom note? If not, put this on the top of your to-do list.

This is an idea that can be designed a million different ways to get out of it what you want. It gives the every-day just a touch of mystery and spontaneity (which is a big thing in marriage).

Here's how my original idea goes:

I designed my "ransom night" as a way to get out of the house for a night out at a restaurant and movie. And, believe me...it was a lot more fun than the typical, “Hey Hunny, wanna go out to eat and catch a flick?” I made all the arrangements (restaurant reservations, movie tickets, etc.) so it'd be a fun night out….

And then, I prepared my ransom note:

I think he got the hint that this was a PLEA from me to get out of the house!

Here's another (simpler) idea:

This website allows you to type in your message and it prepares a ransom letter for you like this one. Cool, huh?!

This is a good one for right before bed... "If you ever want to see your pillow again, you must pay the ransom. I demand at least 5 kisses. If you want it back in one piece…I suggest being a little more generous!" {Hide his pillow, and put this note in its place}

OR, if you're looking for something a little bigger....

Use the ransom for a weekend getaway to a hotel or bed&breakfast. (This could work for a big event (birthday or anniversary--I think it's okay to splurge on these kind of things once in a while).

Leave them a ransom note that says something like this:
"I have taken your ______ hostage. To get it back, follow these instructions. Pack a bag with everything you'll need for 2 days. There will be a tan car waiting for you in front of your house at 6:30. Put your suitcase in the trunk and get in the car. The keys will be there. Drive to 247 Charter Street where someone will be waiting for you."

If I were doing this, I'd already have our room set up with candles, etc. and would meet him outside the hotel/b&b. I'd ask, "Did you bring the suitcase?" And then, just to add to the effect, I'd be holding a watergun to his side while I escorted him to the room and would say "don't try anything...if you cooperate, you will get your _______ back."

And then, at the end of our getaway---I'd give him back the object of the ransom (which could be anything {remote, briefcase, etc.}

OR, if you're looking for something a little quicker....
Forget the ransom note, try a ransom phone call! Disguise your voice (they'll know it's you by caller ID) and say, "No one gets hurts if you do exactly as I say...."

Happy Ransoming!


bb said...

ADORABLE! Hubs has a birthday coming up, and this would be perfect!

Curtis and Courtney said...

I love this idea. I think I'll take my husband's iPhone ransom. He's totally attached to it, he'll want it back immediately. Plus, he won't be able to contact me, he'll just have to show up to whatever I have planned. Now I need to make some plans...

Pixeltrash said...

Cute idea!Love the iPhone ransom idea above too.

Momma Miller said...

How fun! Thanks for stopping by today. I'm delighted to find your blog. We started something similar recently but it's still set on "private" until we're ready to release it all. I love finding other romance blogs...especially on a budget like our family with three little ones and (Lord willing) more to come.

I'll be back!

~Shaye (Momma Miller)

the ungourmet said...

This is such a cute idea! I love your blog theme! It's different and fun!

Thanks for stopping by over my way today! Have a great week!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

Thanks for visiting!
What a smart idea for a blog! We can always use some help in the romance dept!

Dana Tate said...

What a totally cool idea!!!!!
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

Lani said...

aw, I'd love to do this... someday:)

iheartbowheads.blogspot.com said...

Great idea! I wonder if I can print one off to ransom the children off to their grandparents for the weekend.


One Happy Family said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog- and yes, you are more than welcome to link.

I think I've spent the last half hour looking at all of your fun ideas- thanks so much for the inspiration!

Anna Mae said...

HAHAHA! LOOOOOOOVE this idea!!! and i LOOOOOOOOVE your blog! this is helping me SO much... any ideas for long distance? My husband is in the military and about 1000 miles away! :( the romance is still vital though! Thanks!!!! :)

Aubrey said...

What a GREAT idea. Love it!! Thanks for the link!

Also, thank you SO much for stopping by for my SITS day last week! You left me some great comments!

Derek, Ali, Breck and Jade said...

I just found your website. What fun ideas!!! Thanks for sharing. I feel a ransom note coming. -Ali

Cook Family said...

working on this one! I've picked the restaurant, just have to find a babysitter and a day off for my hubby! cute idea, thanks!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I love this!!! Such a cute idea!

Jordan said...

I used this idea a few days ago. It totally took my husband by surprise and he loved it. Thanks for the cute idea!!

Brinkerhoffs said...

I love this idea. My husband's mom's family did something like this when his aunt got married. They kidnapped her and her fiance couldn't get her back until he could tell them the names and artists of songs they played for him.

freefun0616 said...



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thefab4m's said...

i just printed out a ransom note with the ransom generator...Mmmwaahahah (my evil laugh...lol) and can't wait to see his face tonight upon reading it...thanks for the tips! @ 14 years of marriage, these little fun things are always a great routine breaker.