You are BOO-tiful to me!

Great news, people! You get three posts from me this week, starting with today. I normally don't post on Sundays, BUT... I have an entire week off to spend with my mom who's flying across the country to hang out with her only daughter. (I'm really not excited....okay, just a lot). :) We're gonna spend a couple of days in NYC and then back to Boston so she can experience the beautiful New England Fall!

So, I don't anticipate checking in all that often this week... but before I abandoned ya'll, I wanted to tell you to go grab yourself this FREE download for Halloween....

As it gets closer to Halloween, surprise your hunny with a treat tucked inside one of these cute matchbooks! I especially like the yellow "Boo-tiful" one... for obvious reasons.

You can pick these up until Wednesday (10/14) HERE!

Don't forget your manners---be sure to tell Juli "thanks" for the download!