Love Note Messenger (AKA: your pet)

If you have a pet, why not include them in your Valentine's plans this year? Or, if you've got your Valentine's festivities all planned out already, save this for a just a fun and quick midweek romance tip!

Attach a little love note to your pet's collar right before your spouse will be returning from being away from home. Imagine their surprise to be greeted not only by your pet, but by a special love note! Who can resist that?

I have a crazy kitten/cat who doesn't wear a collar so this was a new experience for her... She seemed more than happy to oblige with the rediculous amount of treats I was giving her to cooperate. :)

Jannypie Crafts sent me the link to their oh-so-cute DIY Valentine Pet Collar. You can download a free PDF instruction sheet from that link above.

I'm "paws"itive your spouse will think this is pretty much "purr"fect.
(Okay, okay...I know that was cheesy..... I couldn't resist. Even so, those would be cute little lines in your love note! [Life with you is purrfect or I'm pawsitive you're the one for me forever!])


Anonymous said...

This is so fun. I think I'll use it for a midweek romance rather than Valentine's Day.

Cher said...

yup..I think it'll be perfect for that, Courtney. I think I remember that you a cute little dog....I'm sure your hubby will get a laugh out of it! :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Awww how adorable! :)

Jenny said...

heh that's cute :D

Anonymous said...

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