Mini Love Albums

I'm a big fan of mini scrapbook albums or mini albums highlighting things you love about your spouse.
With a little creative spirit, this would make a really cute (and inexpensive) gift for any occasion, especially Valentine's Day...but you better hurry, V-day is fast approaching!

1 - The Junk Box - Chipboard Book: "100 Things I Love about You"
2 - Little Birdie Secrets - "How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways" Her post shows pictures of the inside of her book.
3 - Taylored Expressions - You've GOT to check out the cute tin she put this accordian album in!
4 - Somewhat Simple - "Top 10 Reasons I Love You" She used only 5 chipboard circles and shows each piece of the album AND a tutorial.
5 - Everyday Moments - Love Flip Book. Her post includes more pictures.
6 - Inspiring Creations - Mini Heart Album. Her post includes a tutoral and more pictures.

If you've seen other albums like these or made one yourself, please share your pictures and/or link. Email to loveactuallyblog @ hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

OK, these, I LOVE! A few of my girlfriends and I are actually getting together this weekend to take pictures for our husbands. Perhaps, there will be a litle arts & crafts included to make some of these cute albums!

Shari said...

I love this idea! I was trying to think of something inexpensive and thoughtful to do for my husband since we're going to be spending money on more 'responsible' things, like fixing my car. Boo. Now I get to make a trip to Michael's or Hobby Lobby!

Cher said...

Yay for that! I love Michael's. I really do. If it weren't for those 40% coupons I'd be in mega debt right now. Wish I had a Hobby Lobby, too! Then I'd really be in trouble...

Renee Snyder said...

I love that Idea.

I'm a consultant for a company called Heritage Makers. It's basically a digital scrapbooking site. We have swatch books and deck of cards that would be really cute to make v-day gifts out of.

Thanks for sharing!

peata said...

love the mini love.

Anonymous said...

I found this great idea for turning a deck of cards into a "book." You could make it as plain or fancy as you want, depending on embellishments. I'm making this for my hubby, since he loves to play cards. :)


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