"Capture My Heart" Date Night

On this date, you and your spouse will battle for each other's heart...literally! Think of it as a twist off the familiar outdoor activity, "Capture the Flag".

You’ll need:
2 nerf guns
2 heart shaped objects (or a medium sized heart-shaped paper for last minute planning)
Black clothing
Theme music (Mr. & Mrs. Smith soundtrack, possibly?) Optional.

First, agree on a reward for the winner be it a massage, a certain meal, a household chore, etc.

Then, get yourself into battle mode as you both split up to hide your heart-shaped objects. Sneak around the house so your spouse won't suspect where you've hidden it. Have a starting point for each of you on opposite sides of the house and yell when you're ready to play.

The goal is to find the heart-shaped object they've hidden before they find yours. If you get hit with the nerf gun, you’re down for 30 seconds. So, duck and cover and sneak around as much as possible.

May the best man or woman win!

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:Deliciously Healthy said...

I can't wait to do this with the hubs! What a fun idea!! Thanks!