"Gwen In Love" Feature

Hello. Hello. Hello!

I must say I do miss posting...but I am sure enjoying having time for everything else in my life! But, I'm back just for a moment today to feature my newest sponsor,
Gwen in Love

Gwen professes to be in love and thinks everyone should have a marriage that is "as rockin' hot" as hers! She's here to help all of us after saying "I do". Her blog offers a lot of great advice for the more intimate aspects of marriage...

Here were a couple of posts from her blog that I fell in love with...

Gwen's Idea of Father's Day

A classy monogrammed tie clip that has a secret message on the back with "Love ties us together." or... "I want to tie you up". Clever!

Friday Night Dance Party

Gwen suggests a little private dance party for you and your man... She's got a playlist for you and everything!

Flirty Apron

After playing mom and maid all day, emotions can run high for Gwen. Her favorite way to change her mood is to "throw on a sassy little apron" It helps her to embrace her household duties and feel less like a maid and more like her husband's sexy girlfriend!

She's got some CUTE blog buttons you can snag as well...



And there's plenty more! After your visit, I think you'll find yourself in Love with Gwen in Love... Hop on over to her blog here...

Thanks for sponsoring Love Actually Blog, Gwen. Can't wait to see more from you!