Naughty or Nice Love Notes

I love stumbling upon lovey-dovey (or "lovey-sexy" might be more appropriate) treasures like this... thought I'd pass my discovery along!

..perfect for the holidays! I found this at Confessions of a Working Mom. Go there to download!


C'est La Vie said...

ha these are great, i got something like this for my bach party! so genious :)

Lauren Bishop said...

I can't get this to print... any tips?

Cher said...

did you click the link on "Confessions of a Working Mom"...this is just the image that you see. You can get the actual download on her blog! I haven't tried printing them yet myself, though...so, I'm not sure? I was able to download it though without any problem.

Lauren Bishop said...

Hmm... yeah I got the download. It opens a zip file and then when I click on the actual image file it opens up in Windows Photo Viewer but the print button is disabled. I'm probably just doing something completely wrong!

Cher said...

You'll have to unzip the folder first. Right click on the zipped folder and then click "Extract All". THEN, you'll see a new folder with the same title, but it'll be "unzipped" and you should be able to print.

Lisa said...

SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

Lauren Bishop said...

Ah got it! thank you!

Unknown said...

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