YouTube Date Night

Meet Camille & Jacob Whiting.

They love their Friday Night Date Nights. and...even better, they love sharing their ideas on their blog, Friday We're In Love. They created a collection of hilarious YouTube video clips to share with YOU for your next stay-at-home date night.

The collection is free, clean, and funny! 

They also provided some awesome suggestions for dinner and a movie treat! 

Check out their blog post HERE and the YouTube Channel HERE.
{Thanks for sharing, Camille!}


CarlyCrosby said...

aww cute idea! like a little movie night!

Anonymous said...

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Hayley said...

What a gorgeous idea! You have given me so many ideas. Hayley x

Rajiv Rai said...

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Tsudip Rai said...

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Anonymous said...

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mizanrobi said...

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Anonymous said...

Aww, cute! Hopefully I'll get to meet someone from asian euro dating sites to spend the night like this also!

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