"Plane Crazy About You" Date Night Out

Hey y'all! Here's a fun little date that I posted on my other blog a while back. It's a date that you may have to remember for spring or summer...unless you live where it's warm like us!


When it came to doing regular date nights, the craziness of Dental School kept us "grounded" for the past little while....  Tonight, it was all about letting our love take flight again.

DFW Airport has a really cool observation area known as Founder's Plaza where you can have a picnic, listen to air traffic control communications from the FAA tower, and watch airplanes land and take-off. Most airports have some sort of viewing area, so if you live in a town with an airport, this is an easy date for you to recreate. 

Folks, we've been cleared for take-off...it won't be long before Love is in the Air. (okay, no more cheesy lines, I promise. maybe.)

Airplane Tunes

As we drove to the airport viewing plaza, I had cued up a few songs to play in the car that fit this date's theme. This website has a ton of categorized songs about airplanes, but I chose these 4 for the ride:
1. Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me
2 - Train - When I Look to the Sky
3 - Leaving on a Jet Plane - Chantal Kreviazuk
4. Train - Counting Airplanes


Our in-flight service included:

Airplane Wings (in two delicious flavors from The Wing Stop)
Mile High Breadsticks (from Pizza Hut)
Blue Sky Puff (blue cotton candy) 
Jet Fuel (soda pop)

I can always get away with my "cutesy stuff" with hubby when it involves food....  I get to be creative. He gets food. Win-Win. :) Oh yeah, and you can grab the free printable at the end of the post. Win-Win-Win.

If you don't have time for a whole dinner/picnic thing, you can go the simple route--- serve yourselves up a bag of "prop-corn" along with some refreshing "Jet Fuel" soda.

Paper Airplanes

I saw this picture one day while browsing the web....

...and thought I could recreate it for our date. Wrong. My picture turned out nothing like theirs...granted, they had a photographer and were dressed up for an engagement shoot, but still! We enjoyed our little paper airplane contest regardless. It's a good thing we don't build planes for a living, though, cuz both of ours crashed and burned.

We had a great evening watching the planes, enjoying the cool breeze (which is sort of a big deal in Dallas), and dreaming of where we'd fly to if given no limits and a moment's notice.

And, that's it. Gee, time sure does FLY when you're having fun. ;)

Oh, here's your free printables if you want 'em:

*oh, and a tip: Put a strip of wax paper underneath the soda pop label...it protects the paper from getting soaked!


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I am really wanting to recreate this! I see it says there are printables for it, but I cant see them. I would love them if you would share. Thank you!

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