Date Knight - Batman Movie Marathon

Lately, when planning Date Night, I try really hard to think of things that my hubby would REALLY enjoy. It's so easy to get caught up in the lovey-dovey dates that any girl would LOVE...but when I step back and think about what HE would really like, I find myself planning a date centered around Batman. I know, right? What is he.. 5? But seriously... the latest Batman Trilogy is really entertaining and they are one of his top picks right now! So, I now present:

Date Knight: A Batman Movie Marathon

Hubby was welcomed home by a colony of bats hanging out in the entry way...

The others said things like:
You can "bat" it's gonna be a dark knight...
I'm "batty" for you!
This date is going to be a bit "batty"

As he walked into the living room, the bat signal was shining on the ceiling (I took one of my bat cutouts, stuck it to a toothpick, and held it in front of the flashlight at different angles until it showed the way I wanted it to!)

His Batman Attire (a t-shirt from Target) for the evening was laid out on the ottoman with some movie treats. (Batman themed candy and treats are all the rage now...super easy to find if you look! Try Walmart and Target for starters.)

For dinner during the movie, I served... what else? "Bat" Wings from The Wing Stop. 

 *oh, ps--I was wearing all black with this little batman face mask when hubby walked in. you know, it's those details that count! ;)

 And a little later, let's call it "intermission", we delighted in this decadent Dark Knight Chocolate Cake washed down with milk via DIY batman straws. Yum!

Oh, and this movie marathon took place over 3 nights. I can hardly stay awake through even one really good movie, let alone three.

Here's a printable for you if you want to give this date a try!


Laura and Pablo said...

My husband is going to get a KICK out of this! Thanks for all your creative and fun ideas! We love them!

Perdita said...
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Perdita said...

I'm definitely using this idea - maybe this weekend! I absolutely love your blog - inspirational. Thanks, from your newest follower.


Shelby Stewart said...

We do movie marathons a lot. What a great twist to have theme for them. Love it.

Ashlee Cain said...

I loved your Bachelor Finale party ideas. I followed "suit" over at www.TwentySomethingBows.Blogspot.com. I hope you can check it out :)

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