"Our Love Rocks" Date

February 13th was our Valentine's Day this year since M had the day off.. I planned a rockin' little day for the two of us!

I presented him with a tube of chocolate rocks (World Market) to declare that "OUR LOVE ROCKS!"

This next little card introduced the first activity of our rockin' fun day together: ROCK Climbing!

(seriously...a ton of fun! We decided that we have got to do this more often! Something that made it even more fun were some [dirty] Rock Climber's Pickup lines from here and here. I memorized a few of my favorites and used them as we climbed. Seriously, hubby was cracking up!)

We worked up quite an appetite and this next card was ready for him as we walked out of the gym....

Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas. mmm...mmmm. (I'm referring to the food and the hunk there in that picture) :)

We headed home after our late afternoon lunch to this.... A Hot Rock Massage. (perfect for sore muscles after climbing)

DIY Hot Stone Massage
Miss Cheapo here didn't want to spend a lot buying a Hot Stone Massage Kit (they're kinda expensive!) so here's my version:
-River Rocks (smooth rocks with no sharp edges. a variety of sizes is best. Mine are decorative river rocks from World Market. I didn't have any large ones like a real kit would have, but these sufficed for an at-home rock massage. You can also search craft stores, your local river, or a rock quarry.
-Massage Oil or unscented lotion
-Crockpot (put rocks in, cover completely with water, heat on high for approx 45 minutes or 140 degrees, remove with strainer spoon, dry with towel, let sit for 1-2 minutes, then rock and rub!)

If you're really going to do this, I suggest these two links:
1. Creating Your Own DIY Hot Stone Massage Kit
2. Hot Stone Massage Techniques - a GREAT youtube video showing you how to give a stone massage!

After things get a little steamy with the rock massage, next up is:

There are bazillions of songs with "Rock" in it, but these were my favorites and the most fitting. Seriously, as the words play out, you'll know what I mean.

Rock With You - Michael Jackson
You make me rock hard - Kiss 
 Rock Me - Great White
Rock Me Gently - Andy Kim

Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake
Roc Ya Body Mic Check - MVP
Feel like a RockStar - Tim McGraw

Spending a WHOLE day with my hubby was pretty sweet, but there was still room for dessert! 

 Rocky Road Ice Cream is his faaavorite ice cream so that was a gimme, but I also made these Valentine Rocky Road Crunch Bars (a recipe found at Barbara Bakes). Super rich, but tasted great with the ice cream. 

Hopefully this gives you an idea for your own Rock Date. Some other ideas for activities?
-playing rock band
-if you're a guy, take your girl shopping for a new rock (a fasion ring)
-skip rocks down at the river
-watch The School of Rock movie

In case you want to do it the same way, I've got the printables for you!

The first set is for a Valentine's Day date. The second for any date (not V-day specific)


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