The Laundry Lottery

Hubby and I both agree that folding the laundry is THE worst household chore. Ever. And, I, being the wife, usually get stuck with it. Not lately. I've recently adopted a new way of getting my husband to help with the laundry.

I created something I like to call "The Laundry Lottery".

When it's time to fold the laundry, I transform my dryer into the Lottery Machine by placing these Laundry Lottery cards in it.

One card, in my favor, says: "Folding Duty"

The other, in his favor, says: "Lucky You" (which could be anything you designate prior to the draw...whatever you think might lure him in the best!)

Then, I summon him back to the laundry room with: "Hey huuuunny....wanna play the laundry lotto?!" You've gotta make sure he knows what's at stake and what's to be gained from playing. Showing him the cards go INTO the dryer might be reassuring. When you've got him lured in, give the dryer a little tumble and let him open it up to pick the card.

Wanna give it a try? I've included some free downloads for you!

Download "Laundry Lottery" Shirt HERE
Download "Lottery Cards" HERE

And to some of you who are thinking, "What is she, stupid?!" ... I realize that this could be lose-lose for me (being that I'd have to offer his lottery winnings AND fold the laundry alone)...but it introduces a bit of spontaneity into the relationship that I know he enjoys...

(If you're lucky, maybe after he collects his winnings, he'll help with the laundry after all... win-win!)


Untypically Jia said...

This is the cutest idea ever! I immediately thought of large families that have lots of laundry and how to do this same idea with them. Throw in things like, "Wash, dry, fold, iron, put away" and have children draw chores in the same way to make it fun.

Love your ideas Cher!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit. Folding the laundry IS THE worst chore ever. I hate it.

Mama K said...

I really don't mind folding the laundry, but we each do our own (so that he doesn't shrink anything, and I don't hang his stuff up incorrectly). But this is a great idea for other chores! Thanks!

Melissa said...

Folding laundry isnt so bad. It's putting it away neatly that I cant stand.

Over at my blog (www.honeybeebzz.blogspot.com), we are having a Laundry week next week. I would love if you would like to guest post one day and share this super cute idea with our readers.

Let me know!

Natalie of TheBusyBudgetingMama.com said...

haha you are too cute! i have to be in the mood to fold laundry...or else they end up piling up in laundry baskets and get worn before i fold them..not the best system. that's why i hang up most of my clothes now..turned a whole room into a closet! you do what you gotta do. haha. maybe this idea will get the hubby to help with it though. hehe.

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

This is adorable! I have a load waiting to be folded because I was on protest after already folding 2 loads. He hates folding the laundry so this might be a fun way to up the ante.

BabyMommaBlog said...

hahaha LOVE this idea! I HATE folding laundry and seriously want to hire someone to do it. When we can afford it, it will be sooo worth it!

suzy said...

haha nice. i have a friend whose husband actually likes folding laundry. he lets her lie on the bed and he dumps the warm-from-the-dryer pile of clean laundry on top of her, and she takes a cozy little nap while he folds the laundry.
i turned green when i heard that, and haven't turned back to peach yet.

makana said...

Wow Cher, you have OFFICIALLY solved all my problems. This is creative and cute and fun and even sexy! I printed out everything and am so excited to try this. I am sending everyone I know you way

Becky said...

VERY cute idea! I love folding laundry because that's the only time I get to sit on my butt and watch TV!!! But, in the future, when I have more kids and more laundry...we are definitely having a laundry lottery and EVERYONE will have a job. The laundry is a big job!

I love the idea of having the warm clothes dumped on me while I take a cozy nap and somebody else folds...I love anything that has to do with warm, cozy naps.

Anonymous said...

This is a marvellous idea that I am going to put in action this very night! I am also LOVING the warm laundry pile idea. This is a great blogful of ideas!

Aleta said...

This is hands down the best idea I've read in a long time. LOVE IT!

Jen said...

This is awesome. But I fear we would be too lazy to decide who has to put them into the dryer to pick.

DunnyHunny said...

Love it!! Totally using this. Now the laundry will actually GET DONE.

Chas Hathaway said...

That's great! My wife and I do something similar. We have coupons that we can give each other that say something like, "Chas does ... and Jenni has to earn it by ..."

or "If Chas will ... Jenni is willing to..."

There are a bunch, and either of us suggest using them at any time. If one is not sure, they can either refuse or negotiate.

It works pretty good!


Anonymous said...

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Legal Momma is now The Real UnHousewife said...

I absolutely hate folding laundry! I can't wait to try this at home.