Lovin' Your Student Spouse 101: Graphing Your Love

Those of you in school know how challenging it can be to balance the books and love your spouse simultaneously. So, I've gone ahead and enrolled all of you in:

Lovin' your Student Spouse 101:
....a week long course right here on Love Actually that will feature some great ideas (plus free downloads) to help you ace this busy time in your life!

Classroom Rules:
1. Attendance each and every day is mandatory. Tardiness, however, is acceptable.
2. Participation Encouraged (i.e. if you have a great idea to share, please leave a comment so all the students can benefit from your knowledge.)
3. Application of study material (ideas) recommended.


Today's lesson is about graphing.

I found this from the Cottage Industrialist and thought that it was the most clever love note ever! Perfect to slip in your favorite student's book to be found during class.

You can download this graph card and matching envelope for FREE on their blog. I know, very cool. and very nice. Be sure to say thanks when you download!


Alee said...

Adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Hammond Bride said...

My husband is a math teacher - he will LOVE this! Can't wait to slip it in a book or lunch...

GroverFamily said...

cute idea!

Cook Family said...

thanks for the download...i cant wait to put it in my husbands lunch bag.

Chelsea said...

Cher - make sure to check this out! I'm going to try it tonight!


Nicole-Lynn said...

This is too cute! I'm in school and our dating anniversary is always in the middle of my school semesters... this would be a great card for celebrating our 9 year dating anniversary this September. Thank you :)

Lindsay said...

I'm a senior majoring in math education. My boyfriend thinks it's hilarious when I do stuff like this, but he loves it because it fits my personality!

Traylor Family said...

My husband had to run to Target last night to get some things for class, and while he was out I slipped this little love note into the book I knew he'd be studying out of when he got home. He found it later and thanked me. It was simple, but sweet. He is in class long hours, studies late, and works a part time job while I stay home with out two young boys...currently our baby is cutting some molars and the stress factor from lack of sleep is running high in our little house. These ideas are the perfect little pick me up to let him know how much I appreciate all he does for us!

daphne sy said...

I love what you've shared. . .it made me smile :)

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