Wallet Gift for Him

I'm a big fan of getting my husband a new wallet each year... I just get so sick of seeing his worn out wallet that he sits on everyday! Even so, I'm sure the wallet gift gets old year and year...hubby can't even fake excitement anymore. poor guy.

But, I've found some great ideas to spruce up wallet-giving... OF, if his wallet is still in good shape, you can make a "wallet card" out of paper. This would make a fun birthday gift.

Here are some great examples:

**There is also a tutorial for making a simple paper wallet at Little Leaf Lane.

Here's what makes the wallet gift extra fun!

In each slot, stuff the wallet with:

- A Love Debit Card
- Fake money used as love coupons
- A business card with your name and info on it. You can turn this into a business card with some sort of "service" that you provide...Maybe even a clue to a date night. (a business card for your "body shop" would be an excellent choice...date night details HERE)
- A picture of the two of you... (or maybe a picture of you that he'll like)
- Love Checks
- An array or just one gift card to his favorite stores or restaurants
- A handwritten love note
- Lotto Card (real or... a love lotto card)

If you attempt this project, please send me your photos!
Email to loveactuallyblog @ hotmail.com


Rebecca said...

These are great!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Such cute ideas and tutorials! Thank you!

Josh said...

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The Mathesons said...

Super cute idea! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Quality is better than quantity...................................................................

Anonymous said...

Make hay while the sun shines...................................................

Becca said...

SUCH a good idea!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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Stacy Emmons said...

You saved my life! My husband's birthday was last week and I had NO idea what to get for him, since he only requested an expensive MCAT prep book that won't be coming for a few weeks. This was a HUGE hit. He asked if we could keep it somewhere special, so it wouldn't get bent/damaged. Pictures for ya on my blog.

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