The 12 Lays of Christmas

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As promised, I have a fun new idea for you with a free download. And, it's just in time for Christmas. Now, for all you who don't like any mention of anything intimate (even within marriage), then you'll probably wanna mosey away from this blog right now.

With that said, I love this idea and find it so very clever! I don't think it's dirty in the least bit, rather an exciting Christmas present that any husband would die for!

A friend of mine came up with this and asked that I keep her anonymous. But I asked if I could share the inspiration behind her idea and she agreed to let me post her words:

"Around Christmas time it's easy to forget what it's all about, and I tend to get stressed out about the presents and money, and the never ending to-do list of shopping, cooking, wrapping, mailing, etc.
And my husband gets a crazy, frazzled wife to deal with through the holidays.

Well, the other day I was (already) stressing about what to get everyone for Christmas with a very low bank account, and I asked my husband what our budget was and what he wanted. He replied, "You KNOW what I want." I just laughed at him and said, "No really, what do you want?" He just looked at me and said, "Why can't I want that? I just want you." Anyway, we kept talking and he said he really just wanted to use the little money we had to get the kids some presents- and he didn't need anything- just me.

Afterward, I started thinking and realized- you know, I don't think he's just being nice- I think that's REALLY all he wants. Of course, I'm probably going to make him a couple of other small presents- but I'm excited to surprise him with the 12 Lays of Christmas. Because I know he's going to love it- and I know it's going to help me remember what it's all about. So this year I'm giving my husband a happy, stress-free wife- and a lot of lovin'. :) There's nothing better than giving yourself!!!"
Amen! Here's the idea:
The night before the 12 Lays of Christmas starts (Dec. 13th) leave this note for your husband, explaining how it will work (basically that you two are going to be making love every night for 12 days straight leading up to Christmas):
Along with the note, you can also leave a pocket advent calendar to count down the 12 Lays of Christmas. It’s really easy- you just get a pack of Dentyne gum (or any brand that has 12 pieces of gum in a pack) On the back of each square of gum, use a sharpie to label the numbers 1-12. That way, they can eat a piece of gum each day of the 12 Lays of Christmas. (If you want, you can also replace the Dentyne label with your own decorative label) Attach this note to the gum…
And remember what I say,
It must be done every day.
Just so you won’t forget-
Grab this pack and your set.
You can’t chew your piece of gum,
Until the deed is really done.

Then, leave a small present (the idea for each present is in bold text at the end of the post) each day for your spouse to find along with the accompanying note, to remind them that “the deed must be done every day.”

Here are the notes I made to go along with each day's little gift.
{click to enlarge}

You can download the entire set of Notes & Gum Pack Label at:
 4shared HERE (must be logged in)
or at Box.com HERE

For those of you who want to design your own, here is the text so you can adjust the wording but not retype the whole thing!
(Pear scented body scrub)
LAY 1: December 14
Tonight calls for a partridge in a pear tree,
But that’s just not romantic, you see.
So how about some pear body scrub in a tub
Then you and me can rub a dub dub!!
(Chocolate turtles or Dove chocolate)
LAY 2: December 15
Tonight calls for two turtle doves
But birds are still not cutting it, love
So instead, how about the chocolate kind
It’s an aphrodisiac- I don’t think you’ll mind
(Hershey’s kisses)
LAY 3: December 16
Tonight calls for three French hens
(Here we go with the darn birds again)
So I’m replacing them with French kisses instead
But I’ll give more, not three like they said
(A whistle)
LAY 4: December 17
Tonight calls for four calling birds
But a call from you would be much preferred
So use this whistle to give me a call
When you’re ready for a little bedroom brawl
(5 gold rings from the dollar store with a piece of lingerie rolled inside each one)
LAY 5: December 18
Tonight calls for five golden rings
But my golden rings come with sexy things
So pick the outfit that you like best
And I will go get ready and dressed
(Rolo candies)
LAY 6: December 19
Tonight calls for six geese a-laying
But it’s not the geese that will be laying and playing
So just ROLO-ver, okie dokie?
It’s time for the horizontal hokey pokey!
(Bubble Bath)
LAY 7: December 20
Tonight calls for seven swans a-swimming
But I’m thinking you & me- with the lights a-dimming
Here’s some bubble bath for our private swim party
Meet me by the tub at bedtime- don’t be tardy!
(Milk duds)
LAY 8: December 21
Tonight calls for eight milking maids
But I was hoping that you’d consider a trade
Instead, how about just milk duds & me?
I promise I’m worth it- just wait and you’ll see!
(CD of Romantic songs)
LAY 9: December 22
Tonight calls for nine ladies dancing
But you just need me for some dancing, romancing
So let’s put on some slow songs and waltz ‘round the bed
Tonight it won’t be sugarplums dancing in your head
(Red Hots and Mountain Dew)
LAY 10: December 23
Tonight calls for ten lords a leaping
But you’re the only man I care about keeping
I know what’ll get you leaping, (you gotta admit)
We’re red hot- so let’s just DEW it!
(Party Blowers)
LAY 11: December 24
Tonight calls for eleven pipers piping
But, I confess, I have done some swiping
I stole their pipes to give to you
Just blow one when you’re ready for some- yabbadabbadoo!
(Paper Ticket)
LAY 12: December 25
Tonight calls for twelve drummers drumming
But you are the man who’s got me succumbing
So take this ticket for a private concert, you see,
Instead of a drum, you can bang on me!

The day after Christmas, leave your husband this note:
The 12 Lays of Christmas is over already,
But we don’t need an excuse to get hot and heavy!
So just let me know, whenever the mood hits…
And we’ll find our way back to toe-curling bliss!
You give me a thrill that nothing can beat.
So let’s keep staying tangled up in the sheets.
Thanks for being so charming and cavalier
You were my very favorite present this year!

oh, I love it!
May all your "lays" be Merry and Bright!


Michelle said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
This is a great idea, that we will love!

Nicole said...

Oh, this will be GREAT! We have given each other a very small limit this year and my husband said all he really wanted was for us to have a credit-card-less Christmas. And I honestly wasn't able to come up with anything for him. (And it was going to be hard to top my gift last year, which was a "For His Eyes Only" mini-album with "fun" pictures of me.) My only problem is that I will be having a nasty little *ahem* "friend" visiting right before Christmas. So, I think I'll give him the pack of gum on Christmas and we'll start our 12 Days then. Great idea!!!

Jen said...

I love it! What a fun Christmas this will be!

Caroline said...

This is SUCH a good idea!! Very cute-- and fun. Hopefully I can make this work somehow (boy and I are long-distance)
THANKS! *on my way to vote*

Untypically Jia said...

Genius. Absolute and total genius!

Our Family said...

What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing. :) Lana

Cher said...

Thanks for your comments, ladies. I am excited for all of your husbands! Jia, you are right. It is Genius.... I wish I credit the genius behind it. :) But, I'm glad she can read all the comments here and know how much of a genius she really is! :)

Tausha said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! This is sooo cute! I am sooo bummed that my man is going to be out of town for Christmas!!!! :(

Lyndee said...

Oh my heck I have been looking for something fun like this forever I am so excited thanks!

Kayla and Andrew said...

I absolutely LOVE this and so will the hubby! :] Thank you anonymous for the idea and thank YOU for posting!

Rachet said...

This almost made me cry! my husband and I have no budget for gifts this year and this is PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT!!!!

elpi said...

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful piece of you. .cry
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Adelina Priddis said...

thank you!! I needed this this year.

Kristie said...

you are so clever...thanks for sharing all of your fun ideas!!!

Allison Fleming said...

Thank you so much for posting this idea! I think it's brilliant! I can think of no other gift that a husband would want more. :)

Lisa said...

This is just what I needed, this year Christmas is a little too practical for my taste (getting things we need and no surprises) and I've been trying to think of something for my hubby that would be inexpensive, fun, and a surprise.

Katie said...

Absolutely LOVE THIS and hopefully the hubby will too! Thanks for making the tags! They look amazing! Thank you so much!!

Misty said...

What a fun and creative idea! Thanks so much for sharing and for the free download. I voted for you!

Anna and Tyson Lawrence said...

Oh my gosh i love this! i can't wait for christmas now! thank you so so so

Kylee said...

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! I'm going to be putting the kit together for a bunch of my fellow wives as Christmas gifts for them too - but they will be sworn to secrecy not to tell their husbands the idea came from me. Hopefully the boys don't talk. I couldn't wait for Christmas before and now I really really can't wait!

Thank you Cher!

JoHanna Bennion said...

Brilliant. My husband has enjoyed every date night I have done from this blog. I just know he will love this one! I have been l ooking for ideas for date nights for a while now and the date ideas from this blog have put so much fun into our marriage! Thank you for the downloads too. They are great!

Gena said...

I love it, love it, love it!!!

Karen said...

This is absolute the best!!! We are tight on money this year too and my husband's birthday is Christmas day!!!! This will be the BEST birthday he has had!! Thank you!

Jenna Marie said...


He's going to LOVE it! Thanks SOO Much for sharing! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks so much for sharing the text at the end. When I read about Red Hots and Mountain Dew (neither of which my hubby likes), I thought: Man, I'm gonna have to change that and re-type all of these cards so they'll match, but then you saved me. So thanks again for the thoughtfulness.

the momma-kana said...

Yes! Finally an answer to what to get the hubbs for Christmas!

Amanda said...

I featured you today on my blog! 2 days in a row! :) You guys just rock that much! I would love if you stopped by to check it out! Todaystoptwenty.blogspot.com


Kiirst said...

I am freakin' LOVIN' this idea! Rock on, sistah!

Anel said...

i LOVE it!!!! This year we swore to keep our christmas 100% home-made and I know what I'm making for everyone else except for him, He will totally love this thank your friend on my husband's behalf ahead of time, lol

Rebecca Adams said...

I LOVE this idea! Every year that's what my husband always says... all he wants is ME! It makes it so hard to shop for him! So this will be perfect! I just hope I can find everything for it. I've actually never shopped for lingerie and I've never owned any, so that will be interesting. I've always liked the 12 days of Christmas song and anything that has to do with it because my birthday is on Dec. 13th and the first of the 12 days is right after my birthday. So much fun!

Anel said...

btw, I raved about this on my blog
and with my facebook friends and they are going nuts over it, you saved christmas!

Poulsen Family said...

Thanks, this is so fun! I'm sure my husband will be thanking you too!

Heather said...

This is the best gift any husband could get. Thank you so much for sharing it!

Sandoval Family said...

I LOVE this idea! I was trying to think of something for the man who has everything! whenever he wants something, he buys it, and so I don't think he's EVER had a christmas present under the tree, so this is a fun idea! He'll get 12 days of little presents... I think I'll leave the presents in his lunchbox! Thanks so much for all of your FABULOUS ideas! You're ideas have definitely pulled my hubby and I out of a rut! Thanks a million!

CristyLynn said...

This is FANTASTIC! I already have some presents for my husband, but this one will definitely have to be added. LOVE IT! Thanks to your anonymous friend and to you for providing the downloads!

Laura said...

AH YEAH!! This is perfect for our college student budget this year!! Thanks so much!

simplyfunlady said...

I LOVE this idea! Thanks so much! I am having so much fun preparing for this and it will be SO much fun to do! You rock!

Ginger said...

your christmas ideas are so awesome!! and i know my husband will like this better than any gift given ;)

Camie Rae said...

Hey what is that way cute font you used on the card?! I love it!!

Shelby said...

can't tell you how many husbands you are going to make so happy this holiday season! thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!!

Cher said...

@Camie Rae - for the fonts, I used Teen Light, My Own Topher, and Suzie's Hand.

mamort said...

Has anyone else had problems downloading this file. It says it's on my pc from the 4shared link but when it asks what program to use to open it..anyone I select just shows jibberish. Need advice ASAP...Christmas is days away and this is all he's getting:)

Kate C said...

I'm super excited about this too! I'm using these but also combining it with the Valentine's ones...basically crossing out the word Christmas and writing in Valentines!

Anyway, I'm having trouble downloading it! I wait the full 325 seconds, but then the link never shows up. I've tried this over a few days and at least 6 times, and no luck. What do I do?

thehaucks said...

Thank you! SUCH a great idea!!

Gwen said...

I love this! Could I do a re-post of this idea and link back to your blog?


Becca said...

Oh how I love this idea! I might tweak it a bit as time may prohibit one or two of the "lays", but this is terrific. When I found this a few days ago tears sprang into my eyes as I read through it! My hubby is a very dedicated cop working nights this holiday season and so even though some of these may not happen on the right days, I'm sure we will add a lot of love to our Christmas with this cute idea. Thanks so much!

Teresa said...

Oh my this is brilliant. I debated whether or not to do it and at the last second decided to. So THANKFUL I did. My cute hubby was so moved little tears rolled down his cheeks while he said "I have NEVER had a gift this good and meaningful in my life". Wahoo for this fun gift!

Teresa said...

Oh my this is brilliant. I debated whether or not to do it and at the last second decided to. So THANKFUL I did. My cute hubby was so moved little tears rolled down his cheeks while he said "I have NEVER had a gift this good and meaningful in my life". Wahoo for this fun gift!

Teresa said...

Oh my this is brilliant. I debated whether or not to do it and at the last second decided to. So THANKFUL I did. My cute hubby was so moved little tears rolled down his cheeks while he said "I have NEVER had a gift this good and meaningful in my life". Wahoo for this fun gift!

Michelle said...

I can't download this, is there any way that you could send me a pdf of this? I LOVE this idea. Thanks!! mgneiting@gmail.com

Min said...

Fix the typo please: : "grab the pack and you're all set", not "your all set..

Annie Ostler said...

This is the best Christmas for hubby I have EVER seen! I can't download it can you please e-mail me the pdf? annieostler@gmail.com. Thanks!

The Domestic Diva said...

This is amazing! With 5 children to buy for we don't always get to spend much on each other. Although my hubby always makes my Christmas amazing, I will gladly give him this sweet (and spicy) gift.

Lehilina Marlow said...

LOVE IT!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)

Kalysha Clark said...

This is a wonderful idea. Too bad you used the wrong version of "you're" on the original label.... :(

Caitlin Alex said...

Can't wait to try this on my hubby! I am having trouble downloading the "lays." Could you please send a link to me? Caitlinalex01@gmail.com. Thanks so much! :)

944aa2fa-e57e-11e1-b3cc-000bcdcb5194 said...

love this idea but you've made it far too difficult to download the steps. please make that easier in the future without needed to download a zip file.

Sara said...

I LOVE THIS idea and have been trying to print it. I am able to download it, but I can't print it. Is there another way you can email it? thanks! sarahyde8@gmail.com

Youthleader Gina said...

Saw this on Pinterest! LOVE the idea. Thanks for sharing and for the printable.

Whitney Daughtery said...

I can't download either :( When I do and it goes to word, it opens up as a bunch of words and symbols.

Unknown said...

LOVE THIS! I downloaded it but it's not letting me print. Can you also email me the PDF? lil.stadnik@gmail.com
Thank YOU! :)

Joshua and Stephanie said...

Can I get it emailed to me as well? It is such an amazing idea!!! seftraditions@aol.com

Shawn Andrews said...

I'm having a hard time getting this file to download so I can print it. any tips? if you are emailing the pdf can you send one this way too? Thanks in advance -

Kimberly F. said...

Hi Thank you for this! For those of you having a hard time printing just click on each image, right click - select view image, then enlarge it and print it in your browser. I just printed it out this way.

Mrs. K said...

Way way way cool!!!! Thank you!

craichel said...

Please Email to me as well! hopemadsen@gmail.com

Jill said...

So I am planning on doing this for my hubby this year!! I am still having trouble finding some pear body scrub so I will just have to figure something out. My question though is if you start the process with Day 1 on December 13th or if Day 1 doesn't start till December 14th you just give tell your hubby on Dec. 13 what you are doing? If someone could get back to me that would be great!
Thanks and perfect idea!!! :):)

jamie said...

So lay 1 starts on the 14th. What do you give him on the 13th. Do you give him the gum pack and the
1st note the christmas tree on it that has the instructions?

Morrison Monkeys said...

The 12 days of Christmas actually starts on Dec 25 and goes until Jan 6th. for anyone who was wondering.

The Wettstein Family said...

Could you email the pdf to me as well? Thanks!

Shasty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bobbi Hinton said...

I have also downloaded it several times. But when I go to print it, it never progresses and always freezes my computer. Basically, I can't get it to print. Any way you can e-mail the files also?


Shasty said...

Ok I finally got it to print. Just an FYI, my local Walmart DID NOT carry any of the "pop out" gum. I went to a convenience store and Super Target who both carried the "pop out" gum only to learn that they now come in 16 packs (2 8-packs). Use one of the 8-packs and cut the other one in 1/2. Using a piece of tape I cut length ways in half, I taped them together and viola, 12 pack once again!

JoAnn Ashmore said...

I've tried printing from several different computers too. Can you email the PDF? I've got my gifts ready and waiting! ;). joann.pulliam@gmail.com

Within These Walls said...

Fun idea! I am having trouble printing too. Can you email it to me? nbamn0625@gmail.com

Shaelyn said...

It will not let me download the files. Can you email them to me? sstanger@investview.com

Suzanne said...

HI. Could you emaill the files to me? Ben.suzanne.mansoor@gmail.com.
Thank you!

Rebecca Jones said...

My husband and I just got married on 12-12-12 and I gave this to him the next day. What a great way to start the first couple weeks of a marriage! We absolutely love it!! Thank you so much for this amazingly creative idea!

jae said...

I think my husband would be more turned on if I just wiggle my eyebrows at him. All this reading and riddles would annoy him.

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Rachel Aledo said...

I see some had trouble downloading the files I'm having trouble myself did anyone get an email with the attachment at all?

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ReeceB said...

Love this idea! Very cool. I am trying to top my husband. He gave me a sketch of my wedding dress. Not sure this will top it, but will surely be fun!

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Nikki Gentry said...

Check out My Dreamlines Wedding dress sketch. A perfect Christmas gift.

justsayinoutloud said...

That label should read "Grab this pack and you're all set." Cute idea!

Joannie Kelley said...

Am I the only one who can't print this?! I can download it. It shows up in PrintPreview, but only "prints" a blank page!! (Usually I would ask the hubs for help, but I can't here!

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arun raj said...

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