Word Warped Anniversary Gift

Each year, hubby and I rotate who plans the anniversary date or event. This year, he had event-duty which left me with getting him a gift (nothing too elaborate, of course). I decided rather than wrap his gift, I'd make him work for it.

There is an app on our iPhones called Word Warp that we've both been into lately, so I warped the letters of his gift and watched as his mind went to work!

This is what he was trying to solve:
(the letters given spell out lots of different 3+ letter words...the biggest word they spell is "motocross"...which is the word I wanted him to get at.)

Once he solved it, his anniversary gift was revealed: Tickets to a Freestyle Motocross Show!

So, here's the lesson application to you:

....you've gotta put a little excitement ahead of a gift like this. Although it's something he may REALLY want (he's been asking for 5 years to go to a motocross show with me), it's pretty boring to just hand over some tickets or something of the sort. You don't have to do word-warp, of course, but get creative in doing something personal to both of you. Make a mini-event of it and it's sure to be more fun...for both of you!

I'd love to hear your ideas, of course, so send your tips and examples my way!

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Nicole-Lynn said...

That's very fun! Thanks for the idea!

Tazanna said...

Love it!! Fantabulous idea.

Unknown said...

This is such a cute idea! I love making him work for the gift...I remember on my husband and my first anniversary (as a dating couple, six years ago), I made him go on a scavenger hunt. I don't even remember what was there at the end, but he had fun trying to figure it out! Thanks for posting!

Lisa said...

Last year for Fathers Day we did a scavenger hunt with his presents. Starting with his card we left little clues which led to a place where he'd find another card with clues or one of his presents. Each present had a clue on it to the next hiding place until he found them all. It was a lot of fun. Totally something that is doable for a romantic gift as well :)

Unknown said...

My husband and I both really enjoy crossword puzzles- we spend the weekends competing to solve the NY times and WS Journal puzzles. For our 5th anniversary I made up a puzzle filled with clues about our life and hints about his gifts. It took me at least two weeks to make the crossword- but I had fun doing it, and he had fun solving it!

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