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Build Him A Cake or Something...

I get a lot of my inspiration from movies. Today's idea comes from the one and only, Pedro, from Napoleon Dynamite.

Do you remember the part where Pedro tells Napoleon that he's going to ask Summer (the most popular girl in school) to prom. Here's how the dialogue plays out:

Napoleon: "How the heck are you gonna do that?"
Pedro: "Build her a cake or something."

Ha! Perfect. Although that didn't work out too well for Pedro, it may have a better effect on your man.

So, BUILD him a cake--for no occasion at all. He'll think this is really something. After all, the way to a guy's heart is through his stomach!

There are only about a gazillion options for cakes you could make, but when in doubt, keep it simple! Don't slave away in the kitchen all day for something that will be eaten in 10 minutes!
Here's some inspiration: Cool Cakes

I'm not a big cake maker/decorator, but after seeing the idea for this, I couldn't resist. So, on went my apron, and out came the cake knife. I was up to my elbows in frosting, and ended up throwing out my first attempt. But, in the end, this was the result:

A Hershey Kiss Cake
(yes, I made this myself...but it's shameful compared to this one)
Click on "this one" for recipe and directions.

But, my husband loved it! He gave me a big hug and then we sat down and enjoyed some yummy cake together.

Thanks, Pedro.

What kind of no-occassion cake would you make or have made in the past?


Cammie said...

I roll called under you today in SITS and wanted to pop in and say HI!!

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a cute idea. I'm going to have to try a hershey cake one day. As for my husband... he's not big on sweets. He loves them, don't get me wrong; but he doesn't like to eat them (he's all about going to the gym and eating healthy). I've actually made him some fruit-oatmeal bars and he absolutely loves them, plus they last a little longer because I make so many! And I try different fruits each time (changing it up ever-so-slightly).

Corinne Cunningham said...

What a great idea :) Love how your cake turned out, and love that your inspiration was Napoleon Dynamite!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...

Cher, you are awesome!! Keep up the good work!!