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In March 2009, Love, Actually Blog was created to help inspire others to spice up their relationships. Love is often seen as something that perpetually runs itself...without effort. In reality, love actually takes work…and, in my experience, romance takes even more work..and it's not always cheap! But it’s much too wonderful to skip out on! My goal is to make all of it just a little bit easier…and a little bit cheaper!
This little quote is the inspiration behind Love, Actually:

"What is the difference between a mediocre relationship and a great one? What is the secret ingredient that causes your love for each other to grow every day, year after year? The answer is simple: romance. Being romantic is more than just saying "I love you" and buying flowers for special occasions. It's finding unique and unexpected ways to show your partner how much you love them on a daily basis by creating romance with loving rituals. It is doing the little things that will make you both feel loved, appreciated and excited about your life together." -lovingyou.com

About the Author(s):

Currently hailing from Boston, Cher has always enjoyed creative dating and romance. What began as an occasional hobby to impress her husband, now a full-time dental student, has been transformed into an endless ambition to create romance on a budget....resulting in Love, Actually. Naturally, Cher can't claim sole authorship over the blog as her husband is her test subject, partner in crime, advocate, assistant, and co-author for many of the blog's ideas. Dating in unique and creative ways have endless benefits to a relationship and both authors hope to spread this message through Love, Actually.