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Heart-y Food

"Hungry" for your Love - Romantic Dinner at Home ^
Our Love "Rocks" - Chocolate Rocks & Rocky Road Dessert ^
Basket FULL of Goodies ^
Sweet Sayings with Ice Cream

Root Beer & Pickles - Treats for a New Job! ^
Sweet Sushi ^
Food-Gram for the Hubby * ^

Egg Love Notes ^
Jumbo Smarties - for your smartie! ^
Rice Kisspies
Candy Carvings
Stud Muffin
Chocolates & Flowers
Food from the Heart
Romantic Ideas with Hot Cocoa ^
Sweetie Pie - with mini pies
Memorable Mealtimes - for all those times at the table! ^
Warm Caramel Sauce: *with recipe card of the above recipe ^
Mock-tini Recipes ^
Saying I'm Sorry {with a treat and a note} ^
My "Grills" Hotter than Yours - Aprons for the Manly Man
Homemade Love Donuts

^These dates include FREE Printables!

*These dates may contain suggestive ideas, but have been carefully and appropriately designed for use within a marriage to strengthen marital intimacy.