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A Twist on Twister!

Who says Twister can't be romantic? I certainly don't. This is a simple date that can be thrown together with just a few pieces of construction paper, scissors and tape. Or, if you have a color printer, make colored circles on the computer, print, cut and voila....
you've got a perfectly silly, but potentially romantic date!

~cut out 4 circles each of 4 different colors--trace the bottom of a coffee or equal sized can
~make sure the paper sticks to your carpet well so they don't move around

Here's how it works:
*We found it impossible to use a spinner (like in the original game). So, we just took turns calling out the color and right foot, left foot, right hand, left hand. It had to be a quick call-out (to make it less likely that we could cheat)...and that worked perfectly.

*Strip Twister makes it exceptionally more fun! (Lose a piece of clothing each time you lose...until, well...I think you can imagine how that will end up!)

*You can even throw in another position---Kiss! Try landing a smooch on each other's lips -- that oughtta get your body twisting!

Leave me comment with any other fun ways to spice things up with Twister!


Ethan said...

One way to replace the spinner would be to record on a computer each possible limb/color variation, save each one as an individual audio file with a few seconds extra time before and after the directive, and then play the sound files on the random setting on computer or MP3 player hooked up to speakers. It would also make it more hectic since there is a time limit between moves.

Aubree said...

If you Google "Automatic Twister Spinner" you will find a few programs that can do it.

Ex: http://www.reiki-group.co.uk/twister/v0.1/

There is also an iphone app called Twister helper.