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Saturday Spotlight: Pure Romance

I was so lucky to have been able to "meet" Lisa (a follower of Love, Actually) who sells Pure Romance products.
She sent me this to try...

Coochy Cream
(Hey, I didn't make up the name...It is what it is!)
Coochy is one of Pure Romance’s top-selling products and I totally understand why.

Coochy cream is perfect for use all over the body and it lives up to its "rash-free" selling point.
Pure Romance says that it "helps eliminate the red bumps that often appear in the bikini area, underarms, and legs after shaving"...and it totally does. I had my husband rub my legs after I shaved with Coochy...he was impressed.

I even had him try it while shaving his face and neck....and he has sensitive skin. Results? Pretty dang good. Do I sound like a infomerical? I feel like one. But, I promise. It worked terrific. I wouldn't lie to you!!

So, why is it better than regular shaving cream? Simple. It's silky soft, has a very nice smell (but not perfumey at all, so guys can use it, too) and it definately doesn't leave a rash behind. I haven't been able to say that about any of my other shaving creams. I love it.
It sells for $10.50 (and those 4 oz. will last you a while) If you want to order, head on over to Lisa's blog and leave her comment so she can be sure to direct you to the site where you can order directly from her!

Lisa also has a giveaway going on right now that you may be interested in, but it ENDS SUNDAY, May 31 (tomorrow). So head over there! And check out her Pure Romance site for lots of other great romance products! (click on "shop online" in pink near top of the page to see all the products).


~kiMbeRLy~ said...

I want it just so I can say the word coochy!!! LOL! It does sound great. Thanks Cher!

Unknown said...

rofl...I can't believe there's actually something called "coochy cream" out there...but it sounds awesome! Thanks Cher!

Cher said...

I know, right? Hey, whatever works!! :)

Anonymous said...

I have actually tried this before and it works well! Hubs can't get over the name.. but like you say whatever works!!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

This sounds divine! I am finally getting into lotions and creams maybe I should give this a try :) Love it Cher!

Jess said...

Thanks for visiting my blog (and commenting)!

And now that I know about your (awesome) blog, I'm definitely following! Thanks for all the great ideas!

Ashley Dudley said...

Slumber parties also has this stuff, i love it. everyone should own some.

Lisa said...

I'm SO glad that you liked it Cher!! YAY! I started using Coochy at least 6 years ago and loved it then too!

Bobbi & Noe said...

I love this stuff and have been using it for awhile! Just make sure your husband doesn't use your coochy cream when he runs out of his shaving cream!! haha

Lisa said...

LOL Bobbi...actually I highly recommend it for men as well! It softens the hair follicles so it can be an AWESOME hair conditioner as well as helps to get a closer shave with redness or rash.

And what man wouldn't want a little coochy on his face in the morning? ;)