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{Drum Roll...}

Congratulations to Shahny--the random winner of 1,001 Ways to be Romantic!!!! I have a feeling she's going to put this book to good use being that she's a newlywed.

Many thanks again to Simply Sweet Marriage for allowing me to host this giveaway!! All of you who didn't get a chance yet, you NEED to go check out their site. They have some great stuff going on over there!

If you are interesting in purchasing a product from their store, they would also like to give free shipping to 3 of my followers. The first 3 to contact me using my "Submit an Idea" form at the bottom of my page will get the free shipping offer. Please only contact me if you are SERIOUS about buying. Be sure to include your email address so I can tell you the code. Thanks!

And, on a side note, I just wanted to say thanks to all my followers--old and new! You are all terrific. I sincerely appreciate all of your comments and submitted ideas... This blog keeps growing--more followers and more ideas. I'm trying to think of clever ways to accomodate the growth and convert this little blog into something bigger...but for now, I hope you'll stick with me and comment often! Thanks again!


Simply Sweet Marriage said...

Congrats to Shahny & the 3 people who get free shipping. Thanks for sharing all of your romantic ideas & your feedback about our site. :)

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, Cher.

Shari said...

Ahhh, we love you too! :)

Kimberly said...

*giggle* I actually have that book, "1,001 ways to be Romantic". My hubs knows when I've resorted to the big when I've run fresh out of my own, he'll say, "You've been reading that Romance book again, haven't you?"

Who me? Naw, never. It's all me baby!! {snicker}

I don't always comment, I'm sorry, I will try to be better at it, but I always read your ideas. I really liked the scrabble one. We both like to play it, and I think I might actually get away with turning it sexy without him thinking I'm totally bonkers! LOL!

Shahny said...

Oh yay! I'm so excited! I never win at these things! First time for everything, huh? I'll definitely put it to great use!

Shanny said...

Oh man... I feel like I *almost* won lol

Congrats to Shahny!!!

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