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Saying I'm Sorry

Let's face it... marriage can't always be lovey-dovey. Sometimes, you're going to make each other so flippin' mad... and, yes, I know the feeling. (I think some people think that my marriage is an exception to this because of this blog...think again!)

But, sometimes we get out of hand and an apology should be in order. Those words don't come easy for me, so I look for alternative more creative ways to express my apology. Perhaps you can benefit from some of these, too!

Here are two other cute ideas:

*Tie a small note around the collar of your pet and have it deliver your apology. While the person you're saying sorry to might not want to see you right now, who can resist that cute little cat face or puppy dog eyes?

*Chicago's "Hard to Say I'm Sorry" has some perfect lyrics..."After all that we've been through, I will make it up to you. I promise to."
Find something to use as a makeshift microphone and when he/she gets home, have the music blairing while you lip-sinc to the words. If they aren’t laughing (or trying hard not to) in 30 seconds, then surely you've done something beyond repair. (maybe buying them a new car will work.... kidding.)

Now, don't go looking for reasons to make your spouse mad just so you can apologize---I know it's tempting after fun ideas like these, but give it time....I'm sure something will come up. I wish you the best when it does. :)


Tyson and Emily said...

This is a really good (I don't want to say Idea...Because it's something we should ALWAYS do) but a good reminder idea. Sometimes we forget how much those little words mean. Like you i find it hard to say sorry, but I like the different ways to say sorry. :) Your brilliant!

Bobbi & Noe said...

I LOVE this idea. Creative ways to say SORRY- such a homerun for me. It's hard to say some of these things sometimes. THANKS (again).

Cher said...

Your right "M"...these are good reminders. And, Bobbi, I hope you'll put these ideas to work! :) ..hopefully with good results!

Cook Family said...

fabulous ideas Cher! i will put this to use sometime, hopefully not too soon :)! tonight i am doing the chinese date night for the hubs. i couldn't find All of the cute things you did BUT i found some so hopefully it will be enough!

Cher said...

I'm SURE it will be enough---they aren't "on a budget" dates if you have to go all out everytime---just a few dollar store items seem to work for me! (and don't forget to check the Target dollar aisle--that's where I got most of my Chinese themed stuff! GOOD LUCK!

Rachel W said...

These are some awesome ideas! Now how to get hubby to read and use these ideas... ;-)

Becca said...

Thanks again!!!