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Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

A while ago, I announced that Love Actually would be hosting a very special week-long event: "Then Comes Baby" Week. Well, the time has come and as promised, I have it packed with fun stuff!

***There's something you'll want to know though: You have to stop in EACH DAY this week to enter each day's giveaway...no catching up later in the week! And, there will be two posts each day. One for the idea/tip of the day, and another for the giveaway.
Be sure to invite your friends/family over to join in the fun!

{Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy}

You've been waiting weeks, months, or maybe even years to see this result! You could run to him and break the news abruptly... or you could take a few extra steps to announce your exciting news with a bit of creativity!

Here's a whole bunch of fun ideas that I've collected for you mommas and someday-mommas to announce your pregnancy to the daddy-to-be!

Bun in the Oven
When he gets home from work, tell him there's something sweet in the oven. When he opens it up, he'll find large bun on a plate. As he stands there puzzled, announce, "Honey, there's a bun in our oven!"

Or...to sweeten this idea a tad: Sneak out of bed early one morning and put a batch of cinnamon buns in the oven to bake. The pre-prepared refrigerated ones from your grocery store will do just fine. When your husband wakes up and smells the irresistible aroma announce, "Honey, we've got a bun in the oven!"

Spell It Out
Play Scrabble for date night. Share the news by spelling it out for him on the board. (even if you have to rig your pieces somehow to make sure you have the letters necessary).

Baby Food
Plan a theme dinner for him. Make baby corn and carrots, baby back ribs, (anything involving baby sized food). For dessert, a small bowl of Sugar Babies could work. Be sure to slip in that you're having a sweet little baby!

The Secret's in the Sauce
Creat a label that says "Husband's Name and Wife's Name Are Prego" and place it on a jar of pasta sauce. Suggest that he help you make spaghetti for dinner that night. Hand him the jar. If he doesn't get it or see the label, you made need to say something like, "Wait..is that the right kind? What kind of prego is that? What does the label say?"

Daddy's Caddy
If your husband is into golf, give him a mini plastic set of golf clubs (check party stores, Walmart, or dollar stores) along with a onesie that says "Daddy's Future Caddy".

What's in the Bottle?
Make dinner plans at a favorite restaurant. Earlier in the day, drop off a baby bottle that you decorate to say "It's a Baby!". Ask the manager to serve his beverage in that baby bottle.

Baby on Board
Buy one of those yellow “baby-on-board” stickers or suctions for your car. Place it an obvious spot in your car where he'll see it. Hopefully he’ll get the idea...

Happy Father's Day
Even if it's not close to Father's Day when you get pregnant, give him a card that says... “I know it’s a couple of month's early (or late)… but just wanted you to know, you’re going to make the best father in the world! I’m pregnant!”

Home Expansion
Find a picture of a blueprint/floorplan online and print it out in grayscale. Write over top, "I wanted to see the plans for our home expansion... Our home will be expanding by two feet…two very tiny feet.”

Baby Book
Buy a classic children's book and on the inside cover, write "Baby (your last name)". Then, leave it in a bush, grass, etc. next to your house (where you don't think it will get picked up by someone else). Suggest that you both go for a walk. "Accidentally" stumble upon the book. Let him pick it up and ask if it has a name in it? Hopefully there are too many other kids on your block with the same last name as you... :)

Diaper Drawer
Fill his drawer's with newborn baby diapers. Place a note on top of the diapers that says "Make room daddy... I'm moving in!"

Go to a nice restaurant and after your husband has sat down, let him know you need to use the restroom. Tell a waiter or waitress that you need a high chair. When they bring it over to the table tell them to say, "We heard you'll be needing this." When your husband says, "No, we don't have any children" jump in and say, "Thank you, you can leave it, we will be needing that in about 9 months or so..."

Piggy Bank
If your husband in charge of the family finances, buy him a piggy bank and put a note around it's neck that says, "Our Baby's College Fund -- Only 18 years and 9 months to save." Put this on his dresser and wait for him to find it. A new household budget may result.

Pick up your husband's favorite Chinese take out or go out to Chinese. Bring your own homemade fortune cookie (or even a paper fortune cookie) with your own message that says, "You will be a dad on xx/xx/xxxx (your due date)."

Propose Fatherhood
Recreate how your husband proposed marriage to you, but propose fatherhood instead. Instead of a ring box, hand him a bracelet box with your positive pregnancy test inside and ask, "Will you be a father?"

Crossword Puzzle
a crossword puzzle using things about your relationship. Link to previous post. Include this clue: Day you found out you were expecting your first (or 2nd or 3rd…) child. Make sure it fits the day he’ll be doing the puzzle.

Play Guesstures and pretend "pregnant" is one of your words.

I hope you don't think I made these up myself! No way! I may have put my own twist on a few of them, but all the original ideas came from:
American Baby magazine, May 2005

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Anonymous said...

I like the piggy bank one the best!

Chelsea said...

Ok, I'm def. going to have to visit this one next time I need an idea for the big announcement!

BriAnne said...

Great idea! I did a similar thing to the Bun in the Oven ideas when I told my husband we were pregnant! I just added some martinelli's with it. :) It was really fun!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very cute ideas!

Kelsey said...

cute ideas! Love this post!

Stephanie Tobler said...

Super Awesome Ideas! Way better than just spilling the beans!

Katie A. said...

I will definitely be using one of these when we decide to get pregnant. I'm constantly trying to figure out how to tell our families, as I know I want to do it in a creative way and I'm not very creative, I figure I need to have extra planning time, haha!

Kim said...

Those are awesome! Will definitely keep them in mind for the future. Thanks for the list.

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Cute ideas! I will have to keep them in mind for the future.
We announced to our family by making sugar cookies in the shape of a baby carriage with the due date written on top in frosting.

Emilee said...

How creative! Definately going to use one of these ideas the next time around.

Shahny said...

these are such cute ideas!!

Mrs. and Mama K said...

I have a girlfriend who's family tradition is to give their parents (the baby's grandparents) oven mitts and then let them know there's a bun in the oven.

I think it would be great to get the house smelling like home-made bread and when hubby comes home let him know there's a bun in the oven (which is empty) and let him know that's the wrong oven... *wink!

Erin said...

um....i might get to use one of these sooner than later...LOTS sooner.

Becca said...

Cute ideas! Love 'em! I found out that I was pregnant around Christmas time once, and wrapped the pregnancy test up like a present and put it under the tree- to my hubby from the stork. :)

Sal-my-gal said...

How about a white rabbit with a clock and a note that says, "I'm late! I'm late, for a very important date!"

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

We going to start trying for number 2 soon...I'll have to store these adorable ideas away!

Cher said...

hahah!! Love that rabbit idea! :)

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Smith said...

I went all out for our first child. When my husband walked in the house from work the entire front room was decorated with pink and blue balloons. (About 60 of them were filled with helium, and another 45 all over the floor)There was also a poster board saying "We're having a Baby!" We're trying for our 2nd and this helped give me ideas for the next surprise :)

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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