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Lovin' Your Student Spouse 101: Essay for Love

Nobody likes it when midterms and those big paper deadlines roll around. To show your student spouse that you "share their pain" draft an essay for them along these lines:

"Why I Have the Best Husband in the World"


"Why My Wife is the Smartest Woman Alive"

... anything you want.

Print it out in essay style complete with page numbers, your student number, due date, title page and perhaps a "works cited" section where you can make up books or sources where you got the information for your essay...this is where humor could come handy).

Your title page could look like something like this:

The rest of the essay is up to you! If you run out of things to write about, don't be afraid to double space this essay!

Staple it and slip it in his/her backpack before they leave for class. This time it'll be you trying to make the grade....no worries. Your the teacher's pet..... A+ guaranteed!


Danielle Leal said...

What a great idea! That would be wonderful for my anniversary coming up! thank you so much for the idea!

Queen of the Rant said...

Great idea as the students get back into the swing of things

Anonymous said...

I love all these ideas. My boyfriend is finishing up his last year of school and his classes are getting pretty difficult. I think he'd love little things like this from me :)

Daisy said...

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