For You Future Mommas: Live it Up!

So, you're looking forward to becoming a threesome (some of you hoping that those days will hurry up and get here) but it's absolutely crucial that you enjoy and put your focus on your twosome!
I found this great article from WhatToExpect.Com about preparing for your life with a baby, while still enjoying life now (I know it's easier said than done, but read on, my friends...)

Live It Up

{Sure, you're a little preoccupied with getting pregnant. But don't forget to celebrate life as a couple (while you still can)! Here's how.}
Experienced moms will tell you (perhaps with a glint of envy in their eyes) that now's the time for you and your partner to get out and live it up. Once you're pregnant — and certainly once your beautiful baby arrives — you'll be more housebound than ever. (Maternity leave? More like maternity stay!) So what to do now with your current (baby-) free evenings and weekends? Here are some ideas to spur you to action and to enjoy — while it's still just the two of you:

Be adventurous.
Once you've got baby on board, you'll need to play it safe where exercise and outdoor activities are concerned. So be adventurous now, and try something new. Call a local stable and arrange for a trail ride through the woods, or go on a bike tour through a neighborhood you've wanted to check out. Try kayaking or white-water rafting, or, for something more tepid, join a walking group or sign up for swimming lessons (both of which might transition nicely into an enjoyable pregnancy workout).

Try a romantic getaway.
Who says it ruins the romance to be the one to plan a weekend away? Take the reins and find something that speaks to both of your interests: museum, country inn, movies, and brunch? Mountain biking, kitschy motel, ice cream, and live music? Get creative — use your lunch hour to brainstorm all the possibilities, and then ask around for destinations within a few hours' drive. If you're actively trying to conceive, plan your trip around your ovulation time. Go on a late-night escapade. Being out and about into the wee hours is something few pregnant women can abide (and new parents are up at 4 a.m. for an entirely different reason!). So whoop it up before that first-trimester fatigue has you curled up like a cat! Catch a midnight movie, grab a bite at an all-night diner, or visit an observatory to gaze at the stars. And that nightclub you've always been curious about? Slip into that little black dress (you may not be wearing it again for a while) and go.

Be spontaneous.
Once you're a new mom, spur-of-the-moment plans may become a thing of the past: Between baby's nap and feeding times, you may feel like a slave to your little one's schedule. So feel free to hop from one activity to another, letting your whims dictate your next move. Browse in a bookstore, stop by a friend's, or take a drive in the country and check into a bed-and-breakfast for the night…anything that strikes your fancy. Now's the time to leave the day planner behind and have some free-flowing fun.


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Hammond Bride said...

Thank you so much for this post! It's so easy to wish for and long for the days when babies come. Sometimes it's hard to enjoy the time with just the hubs. Thank you for the reminder that this time is precious!

Lorraine said...

I went white water rafting while I was pregnant with this last baby (about 2 months along.) People thought I was crazy, but we had a fabulous time.

Nicole-Lynn said...

With all of my friends getting baby fever, this is a refreshing post for us who aren't pregnant and waiting... thank you!

Alayna's Creations said...

I couldn't agree more! I am so glad we had 5 years alone together before adding a baby to the mix. Before you have one you don't realize just how much your life will change (and never be just the two of you again!), and how much of a time and energy drain kids are. Enjoy whatever stage you are in - that's my advice!

Emilee said...

So very true! Everything changes when baby comes along. I am so grateful that my husband and I were together for more than 4 years before our first came along.

The Allen Family said...

Great advice and definitely more than a glint of envy in my eye. ;) Live it up ladies! You will never be the same.

Crystal said...

This is such great adivce. As we try for baby number three we still try to live by this because our kids are now at the age that its easier to get out and do things-pregnancy and newborns not so much.

Anonymous said...

As an expecting young lady, I'll be watching the finale of Accidnetally on Purpose this Wednesday:

Anonymous said...

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