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Bad Day Box

I wish I had a picture of the box that hubby had made for me a couple of years ago...I had recently discussed with him how I didn't feel loved enough...(It was probably just a rough day). The next day, he had decorated the top of a plastic container box with scrapbook paper, bows, and had written on it "Cher's Box of Love". Inside the box were my favorite Lindor chocolates and lovey-dovey sentiments that he wrote for me. He also had some fun things that might lift my spirits. My directions were to take out only one or two items each time I needed a little extra love...this way it would last. And when it got low, he would refill it. I was touched by his thoughtfulness and even just by the fact that he used my scrapbook supplies!

Since, I don't have a picture of that, I made a box for him and created a poem for the top.

I bought this cardboard-type box at Michael's for $1 and covered it with scrapbook paper, and painted the sides of the box-top.

Here's some ideas for what to put inside:
- notes of encouragement (for a rough day)
- write the things you love the most about them
- write about a favorite memory you share together
- fun little trinkets/objects that will make them laugh (my hubby put little temporary tattoos in mine...I have no idea why...but they were fun!)
- If they are really close with their family, ask their mom/dad/siblings to write them a little note to contribute to the box
- their favorite candy/treat
- love coupon(s) (see "love coupon" post)

Make sure they know that they can take out only 1 or 2 items each time they open it---not the whole box at once! (unless you REALLY REALLY made them mad...then, let them have at it!)

Cheap, Cute, Romantic.

PS--I have linked this post over to ManicMother as my "Manic Martha Moment" contribution and to Today's Creative Blog's "Get Your Craft On Tuesday" Check them both out!


Nashelle said...

I found your blog by way of your sister-in-law...you've got some really cute ideas here. I think I'll be putting together a box like this in the near future!

Julina said...

I really like this idea, Cher! It sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks! I love this blog, by the way. :)

Rachel said...

So..I am stalking your blog. Jake is getting married in June (as you know) and I thought for a shower gift I would put all your ides in a binder for them all ready to use. If you have any ideas for me to add to it I would LOVE some help, just e-mail me
r2burr@gmail.com I'll send you pictures of the finished product, hopefully it will be cute!

Schwendimans said...

You know what my favorite thing is about this? The fact that it was Michael that did it for you! THAT is so nice and incredibly sweet. I had no idea that husbands really did that kind of thing. He's good! And I love the design of the one you made. Love it, love it, just like all your ideas. =)

The Griffin Crew said...

That is such a cute idea you are so creative!! I just love all your ideas thanks!!

Unknown said...

Great idea, and how romantic is your husband? Thanks for sharing!

Liz Oreilly said...

Just wanted to thank you for your ideas (again). I made my husband this box and gave it to him today. He's been very stressed out about our economic status, and this really helped him. He was very touched. Thank you for all your ideas, I'm not that great at thinking of things like you. So thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas!

Anonymous said...

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Laurakate333 said...

What a great idea!! Who doesn't need a little extra love some days? I think I'll make a box for my teen-aged daughter who helps out ALL THE TIME with her younger sister and brother!!

Rana Al Sha'bani said...

I'm making one for my husband:) Thanks a lot:)

Christopher said...

I love this idea! I featured it here


:) thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! Can't wait to try it out. :)

Sara said...

Which font style did you use?

Unknown said...

Hey guys,
I made my own version.
Please check mine out!

Unknown said...

I LOVE this! I especially love the poem on the front! Mind if I use it for my friend's gift box?

Unknown said...

I LOVE this! I especially love the poem on the front! Mind if I use it for my friend's gift box?

Pennies of Time said...

This is just awesome! I am sharing this! A great way to acknowledge that we can still be friends and love one another even though there are bumps along the way.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome idea. I have a teenage daughter who, at 15, has a lot of "bad" days. (mostly just drama, but to her they are the "end of the world" days). I will definitely be making her one!!!

Unknown said...

Making this for my Boyfriend for xmas. His job is extremely stressful and 'm 5 months pregnant needless to say stress piles up in his life lol. Thanks for such a sweet idea ^_^ I know he will love it!

Unknown said...

Such a great idea

Unknown said...

I will be making one for husband who is deployed in Afghanistan! Thanks for the idea!