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Cocktail Night In

Did any of you happen to watch "Four Christmases"? If not, allow me to explain why it's pertinent to this post. The opening scene of the movie shows a guy and girl meeting at a bar for the first time. He's apparently hitting on her and she's not interested... Soon after, however, sparks begin to fly and a make-out session goes into high-gear! What's funny is that we later find out that these two strangers are actually a couple! They came to the bar that night with alternate personalities to "meet" again for the first time....what a way to spice things up! It was a hoot to watch...I'm sure it'd be even better in real life!

So, in lieu of this brilliant roleplay, I've created a late-night date idea that allows you and your spouse to kick back and enjoy a drink...notice that I said nothing about a bar!

Invite your spouse "in" for cocktails....or "mocktails" in my case. (alcohol-free).

  • Have your kitchen cleaned up and use your table or countertop as your bar. (or if it's nice outside, use your patio or deck)
  • Prepare some drinks (great recipes below..or Sparkling Cider is easier, faster, and probably cheaper!) (the drinks look really convincing with grapes or olives on a toothpick, or limes on the side of the glass)

  • Get some cheap martini or wine glasses ($ store)
  • Put some cut cheese and crackers on a little tray

  • Dress up just a little...throw on some lipstick, ladies!

  • Get your act together... (pretend you don't know him/her, and they'll soon catch on and play along)
    - "Do you come here often?"
    - "Have I met you before? You look so familiar."
    - Use some cheesy pickup lines (if it gets you both laughing, I'd be one happy blogger!)
    - Make up interesting things about your "other" self (again, the movie provides excellent examples--I recommend watching it first!)

I designed these fun invites that you could give them that morning, when they get home from work/school, or just an hour before! Whatever works best.

Download Blue/White Invite Here
Download Brown/Green Invite Here
PS--if you want to use these but want them to say something else..leave me a comment with your request and I will email a personalized one to you!

If you don't want to do the whole "alter ego" thing, then use this as a break from work, school, or the kids. Promise to only talk about each other, your love, but not all the stresses that have you down!

Here are some recipes (with my personal stamp of taste approval!) if you choose to make your own drinks:


Amber said...

I got your link from Megan and I just wanted to let you know that I think your if very creative and cute. I need to do more fun stuff like this. So thanks :)

Rachel said...

I love this blog Cher! I think it is so awesome, and I must admit that after 2 kids the "flame" is not as bright as it used to be! I anm excited to try some of your fun ideas.

Schwendimans said...

You are so good, I love these ideas!

Joanne said...

hi there
I am unable to download the green and brown invite...can you send me a clue?
Great idea! Thanks!