I'm Going "Green"

Most people hate how holidays have become so commercialized these days. Maybe it does get a little outta control...but I love it! Any excuse to celebrate is okay by me and even though St. Patrick's Day isn't necessarily a romantic holiday, it's definately a chance to treat my hunny to a little something out of the ordinary. And, if you're already planning something fun for your kids, don't forget your biggest kid!

Here's a few ideas that I will be doing this year and others for years to come!

The leprechauns found his shoes...a few days early!

I made this for my hubby with rolos...werthers or chocolate coins would work great, too!

Popped Full of Luck... I found this at:

Studio 5, a mid-day show in Utah, has some clever ideas as well! This link takes you to the St. Patrick's Day Fun segment: http://studio5.ksl.com/?sid=5803886&nid=71

After doing something like this, he'll realize how LUCKY he is to have you!