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A Visit to the Love Doctor

I got a "pound" from my husband after this...and that means this was a romantic night that he especially enjoyed.

Everyone needs a little checkup now and then...and love is the best doctor! Here's a few ideas to help your sweetie's visit to the LOVE doctor go smoothly!

1. Get a nurse outfit. I found mine on ebay for about $15 (but there are plenty of websites where you can find them. Trust me--it's worth every dime!) Make sure it comes with a hat! And, throw on some inexpensive fishnets/stockings and heels...

2. If possible, try to round up a hospital gown or get something as close to it as possible for your "patient" to wear as they patiently wait for the nurse to enter the room.

3. Download and print this "invitation" that I made and give to your sweetie the morning of the day/night you plan to do the date. They'll be thinking about it ALL day--guaranteed!

(Fill in his name on top, check the appropriate boxes, and the bottom line you can write whatever you want....be creative!)

4. Take all the blankets off your bed and put only white sheets on it with white pillow cases. (Make your bed/room look as hospital-like as possible!)

5. On the bed or next to it, place a metal tray (a cookie sheet would even do the trick) with medical supplies on it--use supplies that could be used as props for your "roleplay" (i.e. tongue depressor/popsicle stick, stethoscope, thermomater, mini-hammer for testing reflexes, etc.) If you don't have any of these things around the house, go to the dollar store and get a kid's toy medical set....corny? He won't care.

6. Cover an old prescription bottle with this label. Fill with breath mints, red hots, or his favorite small candy. After diagnosing his condition, give him the prescription bottle. (preferably before things heat up...)

(The 4-shared file is in Word, so you can change this to fit your needs)

I'll leave the rest to you...after all, you know best what he will like. Be creative, have fun, and don't be afraid to really play the part. I'm sure he'll repay you with the proper sentiments.

1 comment:

{amy k.} said...

great idea! The nurse outfit was probably "Pound" worthy all in itself! :) haha