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You may have heard of this before...but have you ever gotten the creative guts to make your very own personalized version? This is perfect if you have little or no budget for date night.

I've featured Becca from Happiness is Homemade before...but what can I say, she is brilliant! She created this game for her husband's birthday.

Here's the breakdown of how she did it:

  • Made her own board, cards, and money using poster board
  • Borrowed the dice, houses, and motels from the real Monopoly Game
  • Cut out pictures of their faces for the playing pieces
  • Found the Monopoly rules online and cut and pasted them into Word, and then just replaced some of the words to match her game (turned "Jail" into "Doghouse", "Go" into "Home", "Community Chess" into "Family Jewels" and "Chance" into "Get Lucky."
  • For the "Family Jewels" cards, she put in expenses from their real life.
    Examples: "Time to buy more diapers pay $25" or "Grandma sends a birthday card, you get $30"
  • For the "Get Lucky" cards, she put in romantic memories from their love story.
    Examples, "Head on over to the Ghost Swing. And while you're over there, share your first kiss." She chose properties that had special memories to them like where they had their first date, where they first held hands, kissed, where he proposed, where they spent their honeymoon, etc.
  • Instead of using the four railroads, she did four cruise lines: Passion Pacific, Sweetheart Ship, Cupid's Cruise, and Lover's Line. When making the cards for the properties, she copied the numbers for the values for mortgage, rent, and house prices from real properties in real Monopoly--it just made it easier.

    If you need a little more inspiration, go to lovopoly.com where you can plug in your own information and it will generate an image for you.

    Fun, right?! Thanks for the idea, Becca!
    Do you have pictures of a board game you personalized?! I'd love to use them in a future post. Email to: ccloveactuallyATgmailDOTcom


Jennifer Juniper said...

Awwww, that is so sweet! What a good idea, thanks for sharing :)

Rhiannon Bosse said...

wow she put so much work into that!! well done!! I actually did this game in high school for a final art project haha it was called Gym-opoly and was a gymnastics theme haha too funny!!

Kimberly @ Seriously Daisies said...

What a fabulous idea! She did a great job!!!

Lianne said...

So my cousin posted a link to your blog on her blog and I've been reading through a bunch of your ideas while I sit here at work and I absolutely love them! You are SO creative! Thanks for all of the great ideas. I am definitely going to try some of them out!! :)

Krista Neil said...

Sounds like a lot of work, but it would be a lot of fun :)

Cher said...

yes...alot of work for sure (this is why I'm so glad Becca had already done it...so I didn't have to!) But how fun would it be to sit down and play together? So fUN!

Kate said...

What an adorable idea!!!

Jamie said...

I just stumbled across your blog!! Thank you what a wonderful idea. Your blog is now linked to mine. I will for sure tell all my friends about it!!keep up the good work!

~kiMbeRLy~ said...


Anonymous said...

I made a "Tucker-opoly" on Friday and my husband was so excited! It was all about us and I made the cards really funny memories of us that were bad/good. We played it a lot this weekend. It's worth the effort!

Becca said...

Yep, TOTALLY worth the effort. My husband and I play it often, and it's just fun to reminisce to when we first started falling in love. :)

{amy k.} said...

This might just become part of a Christmas gift for my hubby... thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

What size did you cut your board into? It looks just like the perfect size! :)

Millie Carpenter said...

Wow, it certainly is a lot of work. I've spent all day on mine and didn't even create my own lovopoly money, yet. Lol, it may not happen - monopoly originals? I think yes. I certainly hope my husband appreciates my efforts when he gets home from work!

Meandering Woman said...

Love your site! On this one I can't get the link to work. Suggestions?

Miss Brinkman said...

Win! Can't say I love monopoly but my fiancé is a huge fan. It'll make the perfect gift without breaking my budget. Thanks for consistently epic posts!

LoLo said...

I cannot get the lovopoly.com link to work. Is anyone else having this problem?

Unknown said...

The lovopoly.com is not working for me either...

Unknown said...

This is a really cute idea! It would certainly take some time, but I think that makes it all the more exciting. Plus, afterwards it could become a keepsake to be revisited in future years or anniversaries!

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