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Show Some Eggstra Love this Easter!

You already know by now how much I enjoy love notes...on every surface. So far, I think I've recommended love notes on the bathroom tile floor, mirror, shower wall, hidden around the house... and if those were enjoyed even just a little bit, then these oughtta be a hit.

Egg Love Notes, anyone?

Of course, this idea was designed with the upcoming Easter holiday in mind, but, it's one of those ideas that works for anytime of the year as well! I don't know about you, but me and hubby eat eggs all year round.

For these, I just took a mini alphabet stamp kit (found at Michael's for $1.00) and hand stamped my messages directly onto each egg.

In case for any reason you can't read the messages, they say:
"You're eggsciting"
"You're eggstraordinarily handsome"
"Eggschange for a kiss"
"Eggscellent Husband"

If your spouse frequents the egg carton, then this will be easy. If he does not, you may have to ask for a little help in the kitchen when he's around, knowing for sure he'll have to grab you some eggs. :)

If stamping just isn't your thing, just write your message with a sharpie! If your handwriting is anything like mine (less than desirable), then I suggest this option:

1. Hard-boil some eggs.
2. Print out my freebie below.
3. Attach each word strip to a colored paper strip.
4. Use glue-tape to adhere the strip to the egg.
5. Pack in your husband's lunch.

It should look something like this:

Download Word Strips HERE

I would normally end my post with some catchy phrase, most likely using the word "egg"...but I think you've had just about enough already. :)

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Rebecca said...

Love these!! I will have to pack some in the hubbies lunch!

AllbestMessages.com said...

Wohh...such a very nice...

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MB said...

Ur blog is amazing! congratulations :D

Alee said...

so cute! thanks for sharing!

Alee said...

so cute! thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

I love this idea - as always! Thanks for sharing!

Mama K said...

Love it...my husband eats eggs a lot, so I will definitely be using this idea very soon!

Sal-my-gal said...

Love it! Hubby eats eggs eggstrodinarily often. This'll be great : )

Cher said...

Love the use of "egg" in that one "Sal-my-gal" hehe... :)

Nicolette said...

Cher! Thank you for commenting on my blog. I called Shaun's mom (sister Broderick) up right away and she was so excited that you found us. She went on and on about how great and wonderful you and your husband were!! She said to tell you hello and that she hopes things are going well. Bishop Broderick is actually on facebook. :)
I just LOVE your blog! Thanks for sharing all of the good ideas!
~Nicolette Broderick

Tara said...

LoooooVVEEE It!

BriAnne said...

I just did it for my husband yesterday...he loved it when he made eggs this morning! :)

Cher said...

oh, goood! Thanks for stopping back to tell me BriAnne! :)

ahlin said...

oh my gosh i totally love it! this is such a great blog! :)

ificould said...

SO cute! I linked this on my blog
Thanks for the great ideas!!

Stephanie @ Minutes to Spare said...

Darling...I just wish my husband liked hard-boiled eggs.

Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

LOVE this idea!!

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Susan @ Oh My! Creative said...

Cute idea...thanks for linking!

Unknown said...

I LOVE these! I will be showing them off tomorrow! Thanks so much for linking up! You can join me for another link party today.

Paula said...

Cute idea, love it! Thankfully my husband opens the egg carton daily, so this should be a good one for us!

Barb said...

If your guys doesn't like eggs, then fill some plastic ones with something he does like and hide them in his sock drawer, lunchbox, car cupholder, eggcetera. :o)