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April Fool's Day

Research shows that humor can go along way in a marriage! April Fool's Day is a perfect opportunity to play a little prank and then laugh about it for years to come. Here are a few ideas I've found that you may be interested in trying this year...you've got a week and a half to pull your prank together!

Prankster Pancakes
From: Bliss Guild

Purchase a yard of muslin fabric and cut several 6 inch circles from it (the strong muslin holds up well for the pancakes). Prepare your favorite pancake batter and have your griddle greased and preheated. Dip the fabric circles one by one into the batter making sure each side of the circle is completely covered. The pancakes will cook like normal ones except they will not bubble through. Take a peek every so often so you know when to flip. Serve them with all the fixings and watch your family struggle to cut a simple pancake! Have edible pancakes warming in the oven so your family doesn’t go hungry.

From: Martha Stewart

Rearrange your spouse's drawers to make him wonder if he's still asleep.

From: my imagination

Arrange with a friend (who's number won't be familiar to your spouse) to send a photo of a girl winking or blowing a kiss into the camera to your husband's phone. Make sure the photo is sent after you're both in bed (hopefully you don't sleep with your phones in the room. If he gets it first, it won't work as well). Then at a designated time, get up to get a glass of water. You'll return with his phone saying that "someone sent you a text..." as you open it. Fake a "freak out" when you pull up the picture of another girl on his phone. Keep it going until you can no longer hold in your laughter.

Health Food
From: A Year of Romance

Call him in the afternoon before he comes home from work, “I’ve made us a really healthy meal tonight…" Mention some really gross stuff that he probably wouldn't like. When he pauses or moans, assure him that "it's not as bad as it sounds! When you mix it together with (something else gross) it tastes really good! Besides, we gotta start eating healthier.” This may cause your husband to mope all the way home, but when he gets home, you'll actually have a favorite home-cooked meal on the table. An April Fool's trick with a happy ending!

Car Switch
From: Roots & Wings Go

Anjeanette enjoys pulling the same prank on her husband every year. She drives to his work and parks a few parking spots away from where her husband's car is parked. Then, she drives his vehicle home. That way when he finishes work for the day and goes out to his car, it's gone and instead a few spaces away is her car. Leaves a person confused I would imagine! He does have keys for both vehicles on him, so it's not a mean prank leaving him stranded. He does always end up calling her a little shocked, before he realizes what happened.

Parking Ticket
From: Love Actually (last year)

Cover a regular sized envelope with a piece of orange cardstock (print the words right on the cardstock and cut out to envelope size). If your spouse drives to work, make a visit to the lot where they park the car. (best case scenario: about an hour before they get off work). Place the ticket under the wiper or in the gap of the driver's side window. He may have a second or two of anxiety until he realizes what's inside, a love note saying how "I'm a
fool for you!"

Happy Pranking!! A fun idea for Easter is coming up on Wednesday!


Rebecca said...

Hahaha! These are great!!

Alicia said...

A guy I dated in college pulled the parking ticket one on me once. It was awesome!! I have one that we did one year to our husbands. If you work in an office with topical numbing or if you have OraGel or Abisol or something, you put chapstick on your lips and then rub that stuff on. Give your hubby a big kiss and his lips will suddenly become numb for a few minutes. I did that to Dustin one year and he thought it was funny!!

Unknown said...

awww those are such cute ideas. How creative =)

Cher said...

haha...love that numbing chapstick idea, Alicia! funny!

Heather Feather said...

Love these ideas! They aren't too much for the sake of someone else. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love your blog and the ideas are great! I'm sure I will definitely add them to my list to think about when making my decision about which prank to play on my boyfriend for April Fool's Day. Last year, I got my bed "stolen" by a couple of my friends...that was an interesting experience.

check out my blog: http://ltyndall.blogspot.com/

annabelle82 said...

Good ideas! Since we have a four month old, I'm going to play the diaper trick on my husband: Gonna put a melted candybar in a diaper and act VERY concerned with the looks of it, smell it, then eat it! Hope I get a good reaction!

trixerelixer said...

bwahahaha! i want to try the pancakes! that's awesome!! niiice!

Becca said...

I love all your fresh, fun ideas!
I hope you don't mind, I am going to link your blog in a post on mine.
Just thought I'd let you know!
Awesome blog!

Jess said...

I might do the car switch on DH. I will have to make sure that he carries his spare key with him to work. I have been waiting for a couple years for him to fall asleep in his recliner so that I can paint his nails bright red. Every other night of the year he passes out after the kids go to bed, but on March 31 he never seems to fall asleep.

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

These are such great ideas! I am linking to this post at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com.

Jessa said...

Too funny, I have to try some of these!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I am relinking to this post. Such great ideas to share!

Marisa Jean said...

My friend sent me to your blog to check it out and I love these ideas! I LOVE April Fools Day. I've played some good ones on my husband, and these have given me the spark I needed to think outside of the box. Thanks a bunch!

Unknown said...

Wow! hohoho this is so funny idea.
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Britany said...

Great Ideas! I totally pinned this post today and shared it on my blog. Thanks. Would love it if you came and visited.

Daisy said...

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