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Awewahoo! Hawaiian Themed Date Night at Home

warning: If you tend to blush at the thought of anything of the romantic risque sort, then turn around, my friends. It's not too late to hit the "back" button. This idea is meant, as with many of my other ideas to bring a little spice and romance to the everyday married life. This idea, from an anonymous follower, has been adapted for use on this blog.

I sent hubby out of the house for an hour or so to create a little bit of Hawaii right at home. I'll give you those details in a bit...

When he got home, I was dressed in my best Hawaiian get-up (a flower lei from the dollar store, Hawaiian flower wrap, and a Hawaiian flower clip in my hair... no coconut bra for me. (but that's an idea for you!)

I presented him with his flower lei and a boarding pass for Awewahoo Airlines (get it...Oahu? Awewahoo..? Funny thing. When he first read it, he said "A-we-hoo!" seriously?) and showed him to his seat. Take a look at the boarding pas below... and you'll see why you'll have to create that scene for yourself...   *ahem*

Then, the plane landed and I presented him with his Island Welcome Card:

Oh, and in case you're wondering:
Ho'i Hou Ke Aloha means "Let us fall in love all over again"

 Here's how I pulled the rest of the date off:

The Island's Natural Hot Springs:
(aka: the tub)  Remember those plastic scene setters from this date?  I used those again...but I tinted the water blue-green with food coloring and had a pineapple sipper cup on the ledge filled with punch (see pic below). I found that at Dollar Tree. We were supposed to be "deep in the jungle" so I dimmed the lighting. On my iphone, I had Pandora playing the Hawaiian genre station...

Warm Sands Beach

 (aka: my living room) I took a tan sheet and laid it out to create the "sandy beach". I overlapped it with a blue fuzzy blanket to create the shore line. Again, low lighting since it was an evening on the beach... with music playing from Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole and ocean sounds from my iphone (free app). This is where we enjoyed some "delectable Hawaiian BBQ" of Grilled Teriyaki Chicken Skewers, Cilantro-Lime Rice, and Thick-Baked Bacon Sticks. Our drink was a homemade punch (with white grape juice, raspberry seltzer water, and fresh raspberries).

(okay, I KNOW that is hardly hawaiian at all... but, it was the easiest thing to cook with what I already had in the house!) If you really want to be authentic, try this recipe for Kalua Pork (that I got from friends of ours that live in Hawaii):

ooh, it's delish!

Message in a Bottle 
After dinner, we participated in this island tradition...

This was actually a lot of fun... we were allowed to use our phones in case RhymeZhone came in handy, or whatever... we read our messages to each other before rolling them up into the bottle and shipping it off to sea. :)

 A great theme to get you started on your message:
I "shore" do love you...Who needs Hawaii when loving you is "paradise"? 

Massage on the Beach
Every beach-goer needs sunscreen rubbed on their backs... so, offer a little shoulder and back massage right there on the beach! ....followed by dessert... no, really. dessert. I served peach cobbler. :)

And, I think you can figure out the rest on your own! Be creative and take a look at your local Dollar Store/Craft Store/Variety Store. Hawaiian/Luau things are a dime a dozen right now...

Of course, if you like the date elements I created, they're yours. You'll just have to write it the key elements for the airline ticket. Download HERE



Laurie @ Stylin Savanna said...

O.M.G!!! This is sooo cute! I will totally be planning a date night similar to this over the summer. Thank you so much for sharing:)

Alia said...

"wannahumpalot"!!!! HA HA I seriously laughed out loud :) so awesome! Great idea :)

Shelly G. said...

WOWSA! I burst out laughing at "wannahumalot"! This is a great idea and very timely for me. Just the other day hubby was talking to a friend about Hawaii and how he would love to go one day, but that flight isn't something he wants to deal with.

With our 22nd anniversary, literally, just around the corner, I may try to replicate this. Thanks in advance for the idea and the downloads.

Cher said...

haha--I know, it's a little scandalous-- a reader of mine purchased the Date of the Month Club kit around Christmas time and this was her idea! a bit risque, i know...but clever!!

Jenny said...

I love it! You always have the BEST ideas!! And thank you for sharing your beautiful printables with us. :)

Anonymous said...

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Just An Otaku said...

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Unknown said...

HOW FUN! i did a google search for CANDYGRAM and stumbled upon your blog. so fun and i fell in love with this idea! creative, easy, and on my list! thank you and you have a new fan here!

Unknown said...

I really like that, not just because i already went to Hawaii but, i experienced that date with my partner in life. amazing right?

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David bone said...

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Unknown said...

I absolutely love this date idea, and I'm totally going to do it with my hubby. But when I try to download the ticket and stuff it doesn't open. It says the file has been damaged. Please help!!

Lee said...

Loving this date idea, but It won't let me download any of your printables. What am I doing wrong?

Lee said...

Can you email these to me? leebuchanan4@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi Cher - the downloads aren't working for this. Are they still available here or on your new blog?

JannethManalu said...
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