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Lovin' Your Student Spouse 101: Old School Lovin’

It's back to school time again, but this time, study buddies are mandatory for all classes...and you won't be sent to the principal's office for kissing in class!

The bell has rung. It's time for class. Make sure your classmate has their backpack on as you head into 1st period. Being the good study buddy you are, you've already stopped by the office to pick up their class schedule. As you compare your schedules, you'll realize that you're in the same classes together. What are the odds?

class schedule

· Art: For the criminal sketches, one of you will pick a person that you both know and without revealing their name, describe physical features while the other person draws them. After the picture is complete, reveal the name of your "criminal". Then, switch roles. (Don't forget to display your drawings on the fridge!) If drawing isn't either of your strong suits, try your hands at modeling clay or play dough.

· Music : You could play Rock Band if you have it, practice a dance that you learned from You-Tube, play any musical instrument that you have at home, or even just listen to some favorite songs that you haven't heard in a while.

· Home Ec: This would be an excellent time to make your "lunch" together as an assignment or even do a household chore together that needs to get done.

· Lunch: If you didn't make lunch together in Home Ec, you could have lunch already packed in a lunch box complete with a sandwich, apple, and milk carton. How about a little treat and love note from home?

· Math: Learn about math in the real world by doing Sodoku puzzles which you can find free online. If you didn't have dessert packed in your lunch box, perhaps you could learn about pi (3.14) and pie charts while eating pie!

· Physics: A hands-on demonstration is one of the best ways to learn, especially when you're learning the laws of thermodynamics. Classmates will give and receive a massage to learn how heat is generated by friction.

· Phys Ed: This class has been scheduled last to prevent students from being sweaty in other classes.

After your final class, present your classmate with their report card rolled up like a diploma. Make the report card very simple. The grades (one in particular) are all that matter.


Class Dismissed.


Danielle Leal said...

love it! Such creative ways to spend time with each other. My hubs and I love to play rockband together. Its so much fun to just let loose and have a great time. We definitely need to start playing that again.

Nicole-Lynn said...

haha Very cute!

daphne sy said...

nice one again. . .so nice to hop with cute blogs like this, I already grab your button. . .Good grades, cool!

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Becca said...

Love it!! We're not in school anymore, but I think I'll combine all of these ideas into one awesome back to school date night. :) THANKS- you rock!

Unknown said...

I love this idea! I plan on adjusting it for my boyfriend and I
thanks for sharing!

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